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Jeff Jacobs, Mayor Steve Tate, Jennifer Tate, Ellena Woodhams, Erin O'Brian and Perla Flores at "Drive Out Domestic Violence” campaign kickoff event at Sycamore Creek Winery on September 16, 2018. A Worthy Campaign Hits the Road On September 16 th , 2018, Community Solutions and Honda launched the “Drive Out Domestic Violence” campaign at Sycamore Creek Vineyards. According to Lisa DeSilva, Chief Development Officer at Community Solutions, “Honda is a family-run business that strives to give back to the community. They understand the value of our Solutions to Violence programs. As partners, we both want to have a broader reach and deeper engagement with our community. That’s how we’ll increase our impact on domestic violence.” The Honda dealership provided a 2018 Honda Accord for use in the campaign. The car was wrapped in a temporary plastic covering of purple, the official color for domestic violence awareness. Inspiration for the campaign came through DeSilva's collaboration with Ellena Woodhams, Marketing Director of Stevens Management, which owns Honda of Morgan Hill and a handful of other dealerships. Signing on to Show Support At the kickoff, a survivor of domestic violence shared her story and then signed her name on the car. Attendees were invited to sign their names on the car in support of solutions to end domestic violence. They also learned about community advocacy. The campaign car will continue to be driven around South County and displayed at Taste of Morgan Hill and other events of the fall season, offering more community members a chance to sign and become advocates for change. For every signature, Honda of Morgan Hill is donating $1 to Community Solutions. t$( "$t( "4%D( Ė&WGvVV6vrWfVG2VRfR&VVf6FpFRFFVW'6FFFRB6vFR6"6VFp7W'ff'2BFV"f֖ƖW2( FU6f6B( vRƖRFF'W6W72vF6W2FB6&R&WBW"6VG( ХFR6vv66VFRvF6VG6WF>( V&6vFRb&ƖrvgVG&6W"BFRw&FFVFW"fV&W"7&B#FR6vGW&RFV6 v&RF7BFff62v&W6VBFV FF6V6F6VG6WF2gFW"FRvFR6"v&R&WGW&VBFFRFVW'6F&R6Bv&6VVG2v&VVfB6ƖVG2b6VG6WF0&w&2N( 2w&VBvFVvvRFRVF&P6VG'FBVff'BFW7F2fV6RG2PG&v6ǒ7BV"6F6&6VG2VR7@FV"ƗfW2FFW7F2fV6RFB'&VvBFRFFV&W"bFW7F2fV6R&VFVBFVF2&WGvVVFPV'2b#B#rFV&ǒ#FR6VG( 2FW7F2fV6RFƖW2&V6VfVB&PF#62f"6W'f6R#rW6VFr62fW"bVRWW&V6rFW7F2fV6RvW&P&fFVBvFW'66W'f6W26VFrs3rvvW&P6VFW&VB6fR6RBvfV&W6W&6W2FW66PfV6RB'W6RfW"#2&VBvG2vW&R&fFVB'WBWfV6fW""#&WVW7G2f"6VFW"vVBVWB7W'ff'2vFWB6VFW"&RBw&VFW7B&6WBǐfW"&v旦F27W'&VFǒW&FR6VFW'2FVWBFPVVG2bFRVF&R6VGWDF"6WF2FfV6Rt4FR6vV( 2RB66f6fVFVBs66f62FRǒ6VFW"6WF6VGG26F2WB6fFVFFV5D$U"dT$U"#vևFF6У