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PUMPKIN, TURKEY AND WHITE BEAN CHILI This is a great way to use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey! This is a mild chili with only a small amount of chili powder but make it to your preferred heat level by adding in some diced green chilies, jalapenos, or some hot chili powder! 3 1 1 1 3 3 32 15 ¼ 2 Tbsp olive oil cup chopped yellow onion cup ½” diced carrots cup ½” diced celery cloves minced fresh garlic cups cooked shred Y\^H܈X[[\X[[\[\[\YKX] \˜\X]HܙX[BMH[]H[[[HX[ ܂\Y\]Z][[ BH[H\Hܛ[X\\ܛ[[Z[HZ[[H\X][[\H]ݙ[ݙ\YY][HX] ]]0Hۚ[ۜ\[[\H[[YBٝ[Y Y\X[[\Z[]K\[[[XZ[[[ܙYY[ˈݙ\YY][HX]X] MHZ[]\[YXBX][[Y\[[XYH\KK\[[H\\Y[Hܛ Y\HY]X\\H]]0YY Y]\][Hܛ[ݙ\Y ۈX] H\ˊB]I[\H\Y\\Y[[H\[\ˈHXZ]Y\[[\HZ[[]PK[[\H[]]Hو[Y\XK]ܙ^\ۙH \JH[YB\KHX[YY\X\[][Y[܈[H˜[[H\[YX\H\š[Y[Z\ޙ[Y]XB\[\XY[\\[\‘][Y[ [\[X\][˂H]\[[H]\\B[ ]\]]X SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSTQPԓUPTUӑQUTSQB\\X\KX]]Y[[[X[\]HZ\[وYH[ۙY]\]H]X\ HZHXܛ]X\X]\Hو]^H[[\]YH\K][H[\]X\[ܚ˂X[Xܛ]X\L]H[[[Y]\L\YHX]\”[[\Hܛ[\\X]ݙ[ YܙY\ˈ[HH[[YYZ[œY]][ \H[[H]Y\قH]X\]]H[ XH]X\]YBۈۈH[ \[[H]X\\ٝ X] 8$ LZ[]\˂[H]X\\X\HۙKY[]\[HX[[]ݙ\YY][HX] YHYBX]\[[[H]\\[ۋ[YH\ܚ\ ]\Y[H[Y\X]YYYY H]\[YH۸&]\[[ݙH]X\HHݙ[[XH]YB\ۈH\[\ ^H]X\]ۙY]\[YKX\ۈ][[\\[\B[[YYX][KSTSUPBHܛ8&\X]Y\[\[\ܛۈ[\X[H[ M[ZYY ˂H\\[\[YH]\ZYZYY NHˈ8% L[\[\][[[˂H[\Z[YY8'[\[\][وBܛ8'H\[ܝۋ[[\\HXHš\][\[[\H[[ БTӓՑSPT NZ^K