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School Days: Morgan Hill Unified School District The Heart of Morgan Hill By Steve Belando, Superintendent, Morgan Hill Unified School District T he start of a new school year is fi lled with a tremendous amount of excitement. As a school district and the largest employer in Morgan Hill, we welcomed back over 500 employees at the beginning of August. With campuses to ready and class- rooms to organize, our schools were abuzz with activity long before the students arrived. Even before staff returned, our administrators convened for a two-day “Leadership Charge” to set the tone and vision for the year. Our theme this year was based on the book, “Lead Like a PIRATE: Make School Amazing for Your Students and Staff,” by Beth Houf and Shelley Burgess. The authors describe what it takes to lead like a pirate: • • • • • • PASSION —both professional and personal A willingness to IMMERSE yourself in your work Good RAPPORT with your staff, students and community The courage to ASK questions and ANALYZE what is and isn't working The determination to seek positive TRANSFORMATION And the kind of ENTHUSIASM that gets others excited about education Our school district leaders were tasked to build “pirate” teams and choose a captain before they set sail on a treasure hunt to businesses and other locations to discover what downtown Morgan Hill has to offer. We took advantage of having such a unique and quaint downtown and wanted the new people now working in our district—as well as people who have been here for a while—to have a chance to explore and get to know it a bit better. After charting the waters of downtown Morgan Hill, it was time to get to work. One of our focuses at the Leadership Charge was the importance of upholding our school district’s six core values and developing an action plan around them. At MHUSD, we know that above all else, students learn best in an all-inclusive, safe env \ۛY[ ]8&\\\ۙH[YKH]H]HY]H[[\[ۈYܙH[\[Y\\HXۚ^Y HXۙ[YK[[ܚ]X[H x&]H[ݙYܝ\[YX][ۈHXX[\Y[XY[ZXš[ܛX][ۈXX[[HX\[˜X\\\\ˈ[\[\ܛوY][]X\œݚY[\][[[[[YHو[ܛX][ۋ[[ܚ]X[H\]\Y[[ܙH[\ܝ[ Y[H\H[ۙ\[][[ۈܙH\]8&\˜X]XX[[][˂SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSH\[YKH\[ ]Z[H][[B[[Y[Y[[H\ܛH\H\[X[HX\[œ\ˈZ[\[\]Z\\]HY[\ۛB\X[H]\܈\\][Y[[H][]H[\Yۈ[\[[H\ۜ]Y H\[YK\ۈXY][Y[ \]Z\\]]\B]Z[XH\\HH\Y\ܝXY[ZXX\[ܛ܈[Y[ˈ\\XHYXHو\[›\YX][ۘ[\\\ݚYHH\YX][ۈB[[\Y[˂HY[YK[XXH]\]H YX[]HX\[›]Y\܈Y[\HX^[Z^Y[H]\Hܛ\[Y\[]YX[[ܚ\[[ۈ[˂HYH\\ۙHوH[ܚ]X[\Xو\ܚš[XXYX][ۋY[YH\[[]YX[YX[]X]\][\[Y[\Y\[K^X[Y\[K]X]K[\܈[H\Y\[K[HY[YH[][\ۛY[[[YY[H[][]KH^[YK\\H[][]H Y[\X]]Y\˜^[ۙH[\\\HH[\YH\[[[][]HH[ܙH[YY]\Y[&HX\[œX\ˈH\[ܙH[HZ[[[]8&\[ܙB[H[Hܚ[YH[YHHZ[[˂H\HX\وH[][]K\[ܙ[[[YYY\X H[\YH\[\H][H[][]HH[YY[H[Y\›و\\X HH]\H\Y[[\[\[H\وH\وZY[\[[[[[›Y[[Y[][[\[\[[]قH\ܛKБTӓՑSPT NZ^KB