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Author’s Corner Literary Legacies… A Focus on Kids Rather than Screens Written By Jordan Rosenfeld D avid Chappell of Morgan Hill always knew he wanted to do big things. When mental health issues forced him to quit law school in 2009, he found healing in writing a novel called “Age of the Great Prophets,” which he describes as “a Christian end-times science-fi ction novel revolving around the discovery of dark matter as an energy resource.” “Through writing the book I was able to find a lot of healing. That was the catalyst that got me back to normalcy,” he said. Chappell graduated from San José State University in 2017 with a Master’s Degree in History and the desire to start a nonprofit organization. He is now earning another degree in non- profit leadership and management from Arizona State University online. The son of an elementary school teacher (Morgan Hill Unified School District’s 2018 Teacher of the Year, Debra Chappell, of Barrett Elementary), he was also interested in working with kids. “I thought maybe I should teach kids how to write a book the same way I did so they can find healing, purpose and agency the same way I did,” he said. By the time Chappell founded his non-profit, Literary Legacies, in March 2017, he’d expanded his vision. “I wanted to create a cultural revolution through the written word, where we would teach kids to write books how we used to, and not be so much focused on phones and tablets.” Through one-on-one mentoring with individual students, Chappell and his volunteers walk students through the process of writing, editing, and then publishing a book. The first book Literary Legacies published was “The Boy Battle,” by Riyan FVvv26Fw&FR@S FRFRF2v2fvVB'( FR'Vvf'( 'fgFw&FP7GVFVBfW&6F"BFR7@&V6VFǒV&Ɨ6VB&v2( v@W&W( 'Ǘ6&6fgFw&FR7GVFVBB&'&WGBVVVF'66&v&6v2W6FVB&WBFRFVbw&Fr&( Ē&VǒƖVBpRFVvBFBG26w&FR&06FW6VBvWBfbFV6w( FPזV"B6B( Bf'7Bv2&Vǐ6'WBFVFR&R6W762vV@F&VvvFBv2&WGGgV( Ф&6vfW22'F7V&ǒvfW2Fw2B'6W2FRW"&Fv7BVrvbVB7FVv( vW2F&VvBb&BFW2( 7FV( 2&VG2@6&Ɩw2fR76VBvBǒ6P27W'ffVB( 6RvB6VBWBbW 6vV6Rv2&VǒVr@BF7W'ffRW"v( Х7FV&Vg&VG2&V"BFvWFW FW7W'ffRFvWB7F'FVB6V6BFW&VvvF&VvWFƖRbFR7F'( 0&Vvr֖FFRBVB&6&VvW"&&6b#@f6VBB'FRVBbFR66V"VRFWv&VBFvWFW 6RvVVf"W"BFRV67GVFVN( 2&6W7226ƖvFǒFffW&VB@FR"6W762"BFR#R6V6BRFW2BWBvP6VB6FR7GVFVG26FW&Pg&VRF6'BFV"v7F'6W'6R&6VVBFR&6W72( &V6W6PƖRW6rגvFF7&VFP&2( ХvVf6VB6R6B( ėBW7BfVV0vW6RFf6FR&BvWB@V&Ɨ6VB( 6RvVB&V6VBFP&6W72FW"g&VG2( ėN( 2&WGFW"Fw&FR&FfFVvW0&V6W6RvV^( &Rw&Fr&P6W6RW"vFR6t$( "$t( "4%D5D$U"dT$U"#7&VFRW"vFsRv( B&P7F&rB67&VV( ФFFFFVrG2W6PFV"67&VVFR6V6BFP&6W72&W7Fw2FW"&VVfG27V626Vb6fFV6RFR&ƗGFw&FP7&VFfVǒBF&R&RFFR@6WFRrFW&F62v66&VVfBFRv&FWF66( vV6RvWG2FfgFw&FRB0Fw&FRW"GvVGvRvFR&Bv&R&&V( 6V6B( "vV6RvWG2F֖FFR66B2F7F'Bw&FrW762( Ф6V7F&VV&W'2FP( 6WFRW&FB6F6f7F( ЦRfVBvVRf6VB2v&6VVrFB6RW&W7607GVFVG>( f6W2G&fW2FVWFpF2v&6V( 2rFW&f62FfRVW&W267FW"&v旦F2F@6VB7&VBF2&6W72F&VvW@FR&&VBWfVGVǒFRv&B( FvWBG2Fw&Fr&2v( Ф&6v6Rf֖ǒr62W ( FRfW2WF"( 26WVV֖Bf"W"&BfVV2'VVB'W"v66Ɨ6VBVvR6V2v0rf"fVFVW'2&Pf&F6&RfVBCƗFW&'Vv6W2&pǗ6&6vևFF6