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Above: Foot of an Ostrich Photo Far Left: Dan Nelson with Sid Birch, South African Consultant with one of the largest farms in Africa around nine feet tall and weigh in at 300 pounds! In captivity they often live for 30-40 years. Chicks, in their first year of life, grow about nine inches a month until they are around 100 pounds at one y X\وYHB]H[HX\HB\\H\\]YHYH[^K[[\\\H\[\[YKB]Y[K[[\X[B[[]Y H[X][ۈ\[܈[X\ ^\ˈHX[B[X[H [H[^H]Y[ [YHYX\YZY]Y[ ˍB[ H[ˈX\\HX]\B]\[ M[۝ˈ[X]\KX\\H][[]ۙBX[H \H[X[\ [ˊB\[ܛۋ\XX[HX[KX\[HYܙ\]H[[\B\ˈ^H]HH\[X[BXYZ[][\[\H[\HBX[[H[^H[\X[HYBHY]ܜH\[[\[\Hܛ[ X\H\H\˜H^]]^H\HZ\XY[H[ \\YK[ۋB۝Y Z\\\HوX[ۈ\šYK[YK[X[[\ Z[\\\[[\BZ[HXHو HZ[\\\ݙ\ۙ\[\ˈYܛ\Y ^H[YX]Z\\[X˂][X\H[]۝[KۛHۘH[[HYX\\YKB[ HY]܈܈[[[X[ B[[ۙHوH[][ܛۈ\[[YۙHوH\BX[\ˈHY\[\\]B\[][\YH[[\B[\[\[[[H[\˂[X][X\ۋHXZX‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSБTӓՑSPT N[[وHX[\X^H\Y HوH[HX\BHY YH[XX \H\HH\\وHYH[[[ۈ\Y\[[KBX\H\X[HH\\ [[X[HX\\HۋBX ]Y\[Y\KB[ۈ][[H[\ [[[^H\HZ\ܝ[\œX[^\\][[HHY]]]\[[[K[[ۈ\\]HB\\Hو[\ \ۋY[ܙH[X[\H\B[]HHX[]H[BXX[ؙ\و N H[BX\H[]HH[YH[YX][ۈ[\]\[\\B[[X[X[[HY]XB[Z][ Z^KB