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California Fresh Bounty We have our farmer’s markets, farm-fresh produce stores, our community and dem- onstration gardens, our pumpkin patches, Christmas tree farms, bee farms (honey!) and u-pick berry farms. Care to bet on this year’s heftiest pumpkin ever? Location, Location, Location Kid-friendly So many programs, so little time. Dance and martial arts studios, art and music classes, skate parks to swimming pools, YAC and Rotary Interact for community service learning, and after-school and summer programs through our cities and nonprofits like the YMCA. Our close proximity to some of the most sought-after destinations in the world: Monterey and Cannery Row, Carmel and Pacific Grove, the 17-Mile Scenic Drive and San Francisco, the City by the Bay. And for a nature lovers, we have the majestic Mount Madonna Park, Uvas Canyon and more. Horse Country A+ Education Heart for the Performing Arts We’ve got Gavilan—our own community college with multiple campuses. Our blue- ribbon public school districts guide nearly 20,000 students from pre-K through high school. We also offer non-public charter and private schools. We’ve got the quality teach- ers, safe campuses, parent involvement and community support to raise our youth for success! A Strong Sense of History Morgan Hill and Gilroy Historical Societies and the San Martin Neighborhood Alliance have devoted volunteers working to preserve and share our local history. It’s about honor- ing our founding families, learning from their stories, and building our future. Shopping Sprees Not everyone buys everything on Amazon. Easy, stress-free shopping is ours at Premium Outlet stores in Gilroy. Unique boutiques and shops dot our downtowns. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN One of the best places to ride in Northern California, regardless of discipline, Hunter/ Jumper, Dressage, Western, and everything from Polo and Rodeo to Vaquero! Or hit the beautiful county park trails. Our very own local symphony, professional theater groups providing an array of YB^\H[\Z[ HXZ܈^H\XBܘ\HX[[ܙK[[\[Z[H[YH\‘[H\[Xۚ^YHH]Bو[YܛXH[ M\ۙHوZYY B[[\'H܈][[\\\Y\\[YH]\\\^[[ۈ\YX\^H]Hܘ[\YX\\[[YKB]H\Y[Hۙ\و]\H[B[\Z[[[H]]X[ۜ[Y\˂[Z\H܈H]\BH]H]XH[ٝ[܋][[BY[ۈ]؜YX][ۘ[ܝ[]Y\X\]\[[\[Y]KB[[ [\K[[][]H\]و\]^[ܚ[]\[[\XZB][H][]\\Hܛ˂БTӓՑSPT NZ^KBN