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SUPPLIES Poster Paint White Glue Big Paint Brushes Q-Tips (bundled together with a rubber band) Watercolor Paper Lots of Newspaper Scissors Paper Plates STEP ONE Cover work area with newspaper Pick 3-4 colors for background: Warm (yellow, red, orange, yellow Cool (blue, green, purple) STEP TWO STEP THREE Paint entire paper using big X strokes, letting the colors blend. Let each color show-do not over blend. Double Load: Put two colors at the same time on a big brush and on you Q-Tips that are bundled together with a rubber band. STEP FOUR STEP FIVE Cut big trees out of newspaper so the tree reaches from bottom to top of painted paper, Cut branches too. Glue newspaper trees to dry painted background STEP SIX STEP SIX Stamp — using the Q-Tips that are rubber banded together. Dip in 2 or 3 colors of your choice (double load) and start stamping to create "leaves” on the top half of the newspaper trees. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018 Drop Shadow — using one Q-Tip dipped in black poster paint, outline one side of each tree trunk and branches. Do not out- line all the way around — pick right or left side. One dark side will create the drop shadow. 101