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Young Artists: Kylen Austin (10), Jonah Joy Diaz-Le (7) and Nova Padella (10). CORNER With Carol Peters CAROL PETERS is an award-winning art instructor who is highly skilled at bringing innovative, creative art alive for both young and old. 100 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN It’s fun to guide and encourage your child to look, hear, smell and feel things that relate to the subject matter before they do a project. It not only teaches them to be aware of what is around them, but to “analyze & see” like an artist. Here is a game you can play with your child when the seasons change. We are creating a fall mixed media tree so let’s play a game that goes along, so your child gets a true feeling of what they are creating. Example of the Game: Ask your child. “What is different when it is Fall?” Here are some examples: The weather changes, it’s colder and it smells different when you go for walks, days are shorter, you can’t play outside as long, leaves on the trees change color from green to red, orange, yellow and browns, there are pumpkins in the fields, our pets grow thicker hair, football season is here, you are in school, there are less people at the beach or amusement parks. You can think of many more. It’s FUN. Now you are ready to CREATE! OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018 KIDS MIXED MEDIA TREES