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Their blended family includes six Family Matters communications infrastructure it was “Before joining Cisco I was nervous about adult children, with the youngest nearing impossible to connect resources with college age. Her son Josh just graduated making the switch from the nonprofit needs—a disaster at a massive scale. from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of sector to high tech,” Toch said. “I was “Our Tac Ops team went in right Business in June. raising my son who has special needs. away with boots on the ground,” Toch “As a kid I enjoyed our routine of Cisco’s philosophy is, take care of your- said. “We partnered with NetHope to set going for a walk most every day,” Josh self, and your family, and show up ready up information channels, connect rural said. “As soon as my mom got home from to work. I’ve been able to do the work communities with resources, and not work we’d head out the door for an hour that I love, work from home some days, only speed up delivery of humanitarian and have the flexibility to be there for my or so to get some exercise and recap the aid but follow their overall progress.” day and what needed to be done the next Cisco also recognizes its responsibility son. Cisco is amazing in this regard.” day. What inspires me is her simple way Katherine’s husband Ken Carvalho to give back at home in Silicon Valley. with people. She always knows how to owns City Towing in San Jose. Toch “When our CEO Chuck Robbins connect, what to say. She taught me that describes him as “kind of a renaissance announced that Cisco would donate $50 whoever I meet, there’s something that man” whose custom carpentry is so cre- million to help address homelessness, it ative and high quality that he’s developed connects me to that person. It’s my job to wasn’t about writing a check, or about find out what it is. I really look up to her a nice side business by word of mouth. micromanaging the efforts وXX™܈] 'Bx&\[\H[Y[H\[Y[Y\ˈH\\Y]\[][ێZ[\Y\] ]\[x&\\ YK[ٙ\Y\\\[^\B'[H[\\YKH\\HX\ \[ۈ܈H]\B\H]]YYHH\K\[B]Y[ Y[ [H[[]\[^\ۈH]H˜[\Z[YYܝY]8&\[™ܝ\][[ܙH[Y[[HYX\ [HZH\]] XYY Y[H\\[Y\[H]\ H]XYHˈ[][]H\XHۘHZ\[[\H[]]Y۝X]H\[ \ٙYH[[ۈB[HXZHH[Z[H[\H'HX[\H\\ܝ\[›]KH[\\ؘ[\H[XYBH\XY\ˈx&\H[Y^H[H\[X\] 8'H۝[YY ^Z[[܈H]\K[^\\وڙX[˸'B'Y[\ۙ\\\[[[Z[Y\'x&\H[Z[HܚY[Y 8'HZY H\H\Y]\[H[B[Hܚ[ۙH܈؜['HY\H\[[\][[[\\HHYHوHY \[][]H[ܙ[[[\KܙYZ[H[]\][¸'^H\[\\[ۈو\\\’Y^x&\H\[ݙ\ ܈L\[وZ\[YH\[[^H]X]KۙY[X[]H\H\H]\Z[X[]H[Z[ \B[][Z[K8'H\[ZY 8'x&]HYHHYۈH\HZ[B]ۈHXK^H܈X[[\[K[Y\HYۏ]ۛ\\H[Z[Kݚ[[[KH[Z[HX[]H܈\Y[[ [X^[\ۈ]HYYܘ[Y\] ܛ\ۈܙ[X˜X]HXX\H\\H^KBY]X\ˈHXHH[[[^ [Bو\[۝و\ۋH[H˜\HݚY\[\YY\[]\H[\XXH[[x'B\Y]H\\^HYK'B^H]H[]]H[^H۸&]Y[ۛXYH[][]K[Z\]X[]HوYHY\ˈ\H\[Y\™[[[\YY\[HHX\[HHX[H[[H\H[[\ܝ[\وB[][]H\H][\Y]¸'H^Hو\[\\[\˜[\8'HYY 8'^HBYY[H[][H[]Hš[ܜܘ]HX[\XH[\[\[\\ˈHYY[\[K BXܘ][ۋ[^\\H\[Yx&\B[H[ܜ&\[[\˸'BX\][X[Y\[^\^[[ۙZY]\H8'[\Y\\\\[\ٙ\[ۘ[H[]\\ܝ[]Y\[KH[œ[Z[\[[YH][Z[KB]\[\ܙ][[H\[Z]Y[\؜]HYYH[Y[Z[N]\[H]\ؘ[[\[  Kܘ[]Y\]XB\XX]HH\\Xو\]\˸'H]Z[[K]Y\[^H [ۈ\[‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSUQT TSPT NZ^KB