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Once they complete nine weeks of training, SVCF hires the students onto the payroll, providing them another 20 hour workshoip in which they learn basic computer skills such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, as well as workplace behavior and safety. “Then we have relationships with businesses where we place them.” There is also a STEM summer boot- camp which runs for six weeks. In it they learn website development and digital marketing and build websites for local small businesses. “During the school year they do programs like robotics, coding and design curriculums.” One of the goals of the STEM training was also to point these foster youth to careers they may never have considered, and that pay considerably better. One of the really important things about the STEM program was to help the young people see the array of jobs avail- able to them in Silicon Valley and t ۋBX[[و[\Y\ˈ8']8&\\B[\ܝ[]^H]^YH\KB]Hو\Y\[ۜ]^Hۛ]^H]H[HX\8'HHZY Y\[ [H\H\X][B[ܛۙ]HZ[[][HYB؋H[وZ\ܘ[H\š[\HY]H[XYB[\[[ [[Y]]H]\YHX\[܈\[]]YH \[X\X[H  BYX\[HH[&]Y]]H^XB]X[ܙHZ\ܘ[x&\\[]\HZ[HXZH]YH BY^H8']x&\H\X[ L\[و\[]ܚ[[Y[\[K[H]B^\][XY]\ܚ] BY\[^HXYH[[Y[˸'BH\Y[\[]Z\ܘ[\[ˈH]Y[^[\BوۙH[] Y8'\H܂ܘY\[[ܘYKH\\X[BZ[[ˈx&\Y[\\][\[X[X[H[Xۂ[^HXY\\ܛ\ [x&\H\^YX\\\\[[۝X[K'B]H\[\]Z\ܘ[\[Hۙ^H\Z[[ۙY[H[\HY˜\H[XYH[X\[\]X][ۜ˂'H[[[H[\\KBY[][ۋ۸&]]Hۙ]ܚ۸&]]HY]H][Xۂ[^HXZHZ\Z\ˈZ[[B]ܚY[\[[HBX[ܝ[]K'BH[ۈ^H]H[[›X[\Z[[[ܘYB'\ۛHZ[[X]\Hو\[Z[B]X][ۋHY\[و][\ x&\HHۛH][Y]܈[K][HH\[\[\X\HX\ܘY\[YBX[Y\[XۙY[K'B[HY[ܘHY\Y]Րт^x&[HY[H]H[]Y\܈\[X\K^x&\H\[›ۈ][H[][Z\SHBܘ[H[[YK8'HY[B\XX[HݚY[\\8'HBZY 8'x&]H MM\[]ۂYH\\˸'BHYHܘYX][ۈ]HوZ\Y[\ \[\\\Y‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSUQT TSPT NH \[܈\[]]]H\ܝوXܘ[\ˈ]8&\B[[\ݙ[Y[ '\\\H[HY[YBܞK8'H[ZY 8'H[\Y\\›ۙ\\[\H]܈[BM^YX\[[[X[Xˈ^x&\B[]\YHY[\\قZ\ۙ\HXܝZ][\[[K]8&\]HXYX[ 'B^x&]H[[\Z[[][[ܙH[X][\[ XY[Hܛ\وۜٚ][H[Bݙ\Y[[H[Z]Y[[YB\[][YۙYX[ۈ]ܚ˂'H[Z]Y[\]\\[]XY]H\]H]YX][ۂ[\[[[YH]Y\]H[\[[][ۋ'B^x&]HY[H8'Yܛ\YX\XKBYX\ܝ XKXܝX[Yx'B]H[]H[و\BY[X\[ݙ\ L HB[YH^HXXHYHو [\[Z\XX]H[\XHܙ[^][ۈ[]HۈY[ۛH][H]\KZ^KBL