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Dining Out with Friends

Written By Larry J. Mickartz

In this series we invite friends from
Morgan Hill to a restaurant in
Gilroy, then we invite Gilroy friends
to a restaurant in Morgan Hill. In
this issue we thought we would mix it
up a bit and attend a winery concert.
The Backstory…
A few weeks ago, J.Chris and I had a
Friday night free of any commitments.
We decided to treat ourselves to
the Wine, Dine and Dance Series at
Sarah’s Vineyard. We had a delightful
time listening to the music of David
Johnson, feasting on some great
catering truck poke bowls and, of
course, enjoying some Sarah’s Pinot
and Chardonnay. We had such a good
time that we decided to do our next
Dining with Friends at one of these
Friday night events.
The Story…
Green Beans and Calamari from Westside Grill
After some pretty extensive planning
we lined-up some appetizers, salads
and desserts from local eateries and
invited some friends from Morgan Hill.
Upon arrival, we laid out a beautiful
picnic table setting at Sarah’s and were
looking forward to some scrumptious
gourmet hamburgers from the scheduled
food truck, accompanied by their great
Remember Murphy’s Law…
“What can go wrong, will go wrong!”
Earlier in the evening we gathered up our
appetizers, desserts, table settings and
headed out to Sarah’s. We set the table
and prepped the appetizers expecting
our guests to arrive any minute. We
had some delightful conversations with
some of the other folks around our table.
One lady even commented that she was
under-dressed for such a beautiful table.
About an hour later we were getting
anxious. Our guests had not arrived, and
there was no food truck in sight.
A few phone calls later we discovered
that our friends had stood us up and
the food truck had broken down. Years