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MATERIALS Watercolors Black permanent markers Watercolor brushes Watercolor paper Crayons Containers for water Newspaper to cover surface. Artists (l-r): Kylie Silvia (14), Chloe Lynn Smith (10), Addie Vegh (10), Lexi Vegh (7), Ava Silvia (9), and Izzy Vegh (10). Step One: Trace around your hand with a permanent black marker. Add a frame and designs inside the hand and on the border. Step Two: Write something about yourself around the hand design. Suggestion: Your name, age, favorite food, friend’s name, sport,... things you like to do....where you live , your pet’s name, your school. Step Three: Color the designs with a crayon leaving white paper areas so watercolor can sink in between crayon colors. Step Four: Pre-wet each color with a drop of water before starting to use watercolors to soften. Using watercolor and a soft brushpaint, paint color over the crayon letting the crayon emerge resisting the paint. Then paint around the hand and paint the border. Use your imagination for patterns and colors! Step Five: Let dry! Frame and hang on your wall. Also they can be used for a large card, for an assignment for getting to know each other the first day of school, or incorporated with any writing project assigned for bringing history to modern day... GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 CAROL PETERS is an award-winning art instructor who is highly skilled at bringing inno- vative, creative art alive for both young and old. 103