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What Type of House Tickles Your Fancy? I Top Producing Team Gilroy Offi ce, 2015, 2016, 2017 Sean Dinsmore, Realtor Intero Real Estate Services 408.710.2855 DRE #01966405 Marta Dinsmore, Realtor GRI Intero Real Estate Services 408.710.0571 DRE #01352339 12 ’ve got an idea for you to help make time fl y while driving to a far-away destination with the kids or a couple of friends. Rather than reciting the names of the 50 States in alphabetical order, or counting blue or red cars on the road, try to come up with as many home styles as you can. With a little imagination and a great deal of memory work, you might kill an hour or two before you know it. Indeed, there are lots of different architectural styles out there, particularly in high-end neighborhoods, along the beautiful tree-lined streets and roads that all of us would love to live on. Every luxury property is somewhat unique. The owners want their homes to reflect their taste, their imagination, their style and probably their means too. It is their signature, so to speak. Some designs are more popular than others. Depends on the state, the location, the weather and also the times. Yes, the times matter a lot. Like most everything that money can buy, there are trends. What is in fashion nowadays is quite different from what was hot thirty years ago. Chances are, new architectural styles will be in vogue 30 years from now. So the question is: what’s in and what’s not today? Before we sort things out, let’s try to list some of the best known styles, those that all of us are familiar with and can easily recognize. The list is rather long, so hold your breath and read as quickly as you can: Contemporary, Modern, Cape Cod, French Country, Mission, Tuscan, Gothic, Mediterranean, Spanish, Revival, Tudor, Dutch Colonial, Georgian, Provence, English Cottage, chalet, Adobe, Neo-Classical, French Chateau, Victorian, ranch, Queen Anne, second empire, cabin, Craftsman, bungalow, farmhouse, log house, plantation, Adam-Federal, Greek Revival. Quite a mouth full. Does any one of the styles listed above look like the house you live in? Does any one of the above styles fit what you would like to live in? Perhaps you bought a Victorian a while back, but it’s not YOU anymore. A mission might be more in line with yo