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KIDS CORNER With Carol Peters BALLOON PAINTING — STAMPING Here's a fun summer ART Project for your special toddler. It can start with a walk in the park or a trip to the library in search of lizards and /or caterpillars—and more than one rolly-polly. Back home, you'll need to find a comfortable spot (either a kitchen table or outdoor patio table) and cover it with newspaper or some kind of plastic tablecloth. Engage your child verbally by asking questions about the things you may have seen during the outing. Perhaps they remember a flower or the blue of the sky. They can incorporate these into their artwork. You'll want to have some paper plates, sheets of paper, poster paint and small balloons handy for this project. INSTRUCTIONS • Put four different colors of paint on the paper plate (do not mix them). • Blow up a few balloons but keep in mind the size of your child's hands • Instruct your child to gently TAP the balloon in the paint and then TAP, TAP, TAP the balloon on the paper. • Let dry. • When the paper is completely dry, add stems for flowers or add detail to make an animal, caterpillar or whatever they want. They might want to just blend their TAPs to create a beautiful abstract paint- ing to hang or to use for cards or folders. Or you can laminate them and use them as placemats. CAROL PETERS is an award-winning art instructor who is highly skilled at bringing inno- vative, creative art alive for both young and old. TIPS • Pick either warm or cool colors to mix together. When you mix warm and cool colors together you get grey or brown. Warm colors — yellow, red, orange, magenta. Cool colors — green, blue, purple, fuchsia. • Remember your child has small hands so get small balloons or just fill large ones to the size that works for them. • To make a flower, dab a small amount of black paint in the center. Use a Q-Tip to dab black paint or use a black marker. Make stems with a black marker. 98 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JUNE/JULY 2018