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with Colton is a large part of that fun for Ajluni who grew up in the South County area. “Both my parents are really into nature, so that’s very much been instilled in me,” he said. Jessica shares her husband’s pas- sion for the outdoors and Colton is included in all their activities, even fishing. “He caught his first big bass last weekend,” Ajluni said. “It was about two and a half pounds. He wasn’t able to fully reel it in and I had to help him. He was so excited he kissed it. Well, he tried to kiss it. We stopped him.” Growing up, Ajluni learned the importance of family values from his father. “I think that was really important,” he said, adding that his goal is to impart those same values onto Colton who is constantly surprising him in all the right ways. “Now, every morning it’s a new word or a first something that he does,” Ajluni said smiling. family. Early on Scot and Ericka struck a deal. “I own my own business. I’m going to work as much as I can, but I’ll be there for all the events,” Scot said, adding that he knew he could do it because his father had shown him it could be done. “I can remember him at every birthday party I ever had,” Scot said.