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A Father's Day Tribute to: Dads Mike Ceballos Written By Kimberly Ewertz Whether the title is dad, father, or even pops, one thing is certain; the love, caring, and wisdom fathers bestow on their children are precious gifts from the heart. There is no better time of year than Father’s Day to express appreciation for those gifts and let them know just how much they are loved. Happy Father’s Day!! 86 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Gilroy resident Mike Ceballos did as his father before him did. He chose the military as a career, which included ten years in the Special Forces unit. In 2006, Ceballos chose to leave the military, and entered the San Jose Police Academy. The realization that he was missing out on his d aughters’ lives led him to make that choice. Sierra, 17, a senior at Christopher High, was six years old at the time. His youngest, Summer, 15, a Freshman at Christopher, was three. “Having girls, having kids, did a number as far as how I think,” Ceballos said. “I ended up getting out. It’s not some- thing that I wanted to do but it’s something I did for the right reasons, because I wanted to be there. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The moment he found out he was going to be a father his priorities began to change. “It was a big pill to swallow, because at that time my mindset was all about the military,” he said. “And then I found out I was having a girl. Can I really do a girl? I was nervous,” Ceballos said, adding that as soon as his daughters were born, each had him wrapped around their little finger. In 2014 Ceballos became a single dad when he and his wife separated. This too was not an easy pill for Ceballos to swallow. “As a parent, I’ve felt massive guilt about every- thing that happened,” he said, adding that his daughters have gotten used to the ‘new normal.’ “The dust has settled and we’ve had a few good heart-to- hearts, a few good crying sessions.” As he did when he joined the military, Ceballos is follow- ing his father’s lead when it comes to raising his girls. “He was always a good parent, always working his tail off trying to provide for the family,” Ceballos said, adding, “I want my girls to look at me the way I look at my dad. I hope I’m that pillar, I’m trying to be that pillar.” JUNE/JULY 2018