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“I always wondered what Tasso’s was when I drove by and when it changed over to First Street I saw all they did to the outside,” Kevin said, adding, “I thought it had potential.” In March, Josephine’s opened its second location at 383 First Street expecting a slow opening like they experienced at the Morgan Hill location. “They put our feet to the fire,” Kari said. “All the staff was new and the computer system was new and the menus are new and everyone was still learning to work everything,” she said. “We didn’t get the opportunity to test everything. We didn’t advertise or anything. Our first customer came in at 7:15 on the day that we opened—we had opened at 7:00 am. She blasted it all over her social media. So, by Saturday, we were just packed.” Kari and her family appreciate the warm welcome they’ve received from the community. “They’ve shown it by coming in and clearing out our bakery case,” Kari said, adding, “The baked goods are going very well, the cupcakes, the cheesecakes.” The Gilroy location offers patrons new additions to the Josephine’s menu—hamburgers and french fries are two of those additions. Hash browns and pancakes are also featured on the Gilroy menu. P “When we started we wanted to just add a few new things, more of a variety” Kevin said. What customers will find at both locations are Josephine’s specialty sandwiches. “My mom makes jam and we use the jalapeno jam on a sandwich called the Red-Hot Momma,” Kevin said, adding, “that same jam is also featured in The Granny, which features green apples, the jalapeno jam of course, and brie cheese.” Mini cupcakes are a big hit at the bakery and although the variety of flavors available changes from day to day, customers can count on the lemon raspberry, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate peanut butter, to always be available. Josephine’s is happy to accommodate any and all custom cake orders for six-inch cakes and up. Wedding cakes are also available. Another new addition to the Gilroy location is a part-time wedding planner in hopes of growing that aspect of the business. The owners couldn’t be more pleased with the new location and the reception they’ve received. “We’re very appreciative of the support that we’ve already received and we’re learning more and more about Gilroy every day,” Kevin said. Patti's Perfect Pantry atti Tartaglia, owner of Patti’s Perfect Pantry located at 435 Vineyard Town Center in Morgan Hill, offers her clientele quite a unique twist from traditional bakeries. Patti’s is a dedicated gluten-free bakery. “We cannot bake with anything that contains wheat, barley or rye, or any derivatives of those products. Those are the things that contain gluten,” Tartaglia said, adding that first they bake and then freeze the products. The restriction of gluten doesn’t deter Patti’s from offering a wide assortment of delicious cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and even pizza to her customers. “I try and look at the things that when people go gluten- free they miss the most,” she said. The inspiration to create a gluten-free bakery came when Tartaglia, due to health issues, switched to a gluten-free diet. “It made a total change in my life,” she said. In 2008, instead of continuing in the pharmaceutical industry, where she’d previously worked for 11 years, Tartaglia went back to school. She earned a Holistic Nutritional Educator certificate from Bauman College, which specializes in holistic culinary arts and nutrition. With certificate in hand she began working as a nutritional consultant in addition to her job at the People and Planet store, where she first offered her gluten-free recipes to the store’s clientele. The rave reviews she received and her boss’s GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN encouragement motivated Tartaglia to open the Gilroy bakery in 2013. Two years later when the lease expired she relocated to Morgan Hill. Tartaglia’s combined passion for food and medicine were the initial reasons behind opening the bakery. Although she admits at times it gets a little crazy owning her own business, the connection with her clientele motivates her to keep going. “I absolutely love my customers. I have the most wonderful customers in the world,” Tartaglia said. “People come in every day and thank me for being here. People come in with food issues and we understand everything they’re going through,” Tartaglia said, adding, “It’s just been wonder- ful. It’s very rewarding in that sense.” JUNE/JULY 2018 27