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Sweet Success Written By Kimberly Ewertz T Josephine’s Bakery and Café he Ford family’s heritage is as much a part of their bakery and café as their food. As homage to her mother, Helen Josephine, Jackie Ford, with her son Kevin and daughter Kari Lacey opened their first family business in September 2014. Josephine’s Bakery and Café is located at 19500 Monterey Road in Morgan Hill. “Like every grandmother as soon as you walked in her house she was trying to feed you,” Kevin said. The trio of owners and their staff offer their patrons a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. “We try and make you feel like you’re a part of the family when you come in,” Kari said, adding, “We greet you and we try and know your name.” At Josephine’s it’s all about family, it’s even represented on the menu. 26 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN “We have some things listed on the menu named after my mom’s twin brothers. They’re no longer with us,” Kari said, adding that they also offer the Hazen burger, named after the patriarch of the family and the Jenna burger, which is named after Kari’s granddaughter. Soon after opening the bakery in Morgan Hill the family realized the location was far from ideal and they would need to open a second location; one that attracted foot traffic. “It was clear early on that Morgan Hill is great, and would afford a great clientele but it was never going to be enough to make it, [the business] work,” Kevin said. After an unsuccessful search in Morgan Hill late last year Kevin spotted a ‘space available’ sign at the corner of First and Hanna Streets in Gilroy (formerly Tasso’s Old House, and then First Street Kitchen and Cocktails). JUNE/JULY 2018