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Wine Dining Out with Friends O Appetizers Carpacio di Bue Burrata con Prosciutto Salad Written By Larry J. Mickartz n a pleasant Tuesday evening, we met up with our long-time friends, Tim and Janice Filice at Maurizio’s in Morgan Hill. We had never been there so felt it appropriate to take a couple of Italian foodies with us to help us navigate the nuances of fi ne Italian cuisine. We found the restaurant's old-time Italian charm as pleasant as the company and the tasty cuisine. Maurizio’s does not have a full bar, so we started with a bottle of wine. We were hoping for a bottle of Solis Grenache but it was out of stock, so we moved on to an Italian blend Sassotondo Tuforosso (2014). It was bright and perfect for the medley of flavors that followed. We started with two appetizers or “antipasti.” First was the Carpaccio di Bue (Pepper-crusted beef tenderloin, mixed greens, truffle oil) then the Burrata con Prosciutto (Fresh burrata cheese, prosciutto, sun-dried tomato pesto, crostini). The Carpaccio was the early hit of the evening. Tim noted, ”It melts in your good.” I liked how a drizzle of fresh lemon gave it an added little sparkle. Not to be left behind, however, the Burrata was a great combination of a crusty crostini, fresh burrata, savory prosciutto, peppy pesto and arugula. While not easy to eat grace- fully, the flavor was spectacular. Just these two antipasti with a glass of wine could have been a great light dinner according to J.Chris. But tonight, we were not eating light. Next, we launched into soup and salad. Tim and J.Chris shared Insalata di Bietole (Oven roasted beets, orange, goat cheese, arugula, white balsamic) while Janice and I split the Insalata di Rucola (Wild arugula, toasted almonds, granny smith apple, fresh mozzarella, tomato). Tim noted that the citrus complimented the earthiness of the beets and combined with the goat cheese made for a great combo. Janice described her salad as “balanced and bright, light and refresh- ing…the almond slices added crunch to tone down the bitterness of the arugula.” J.Chris sampled the soup of the day, Garbanzo Bean (Broth-based with cel- ery, carrots, onion and fresh tomatoes). J.Chris noted, “It was tasty and light— even though it was made with garbanzo beans.” Entrees Insalata di Beitole Secondi Piatti, Petrale Sole Primi Piatti, Short Rib Ravioli 104 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JUNE/JULY 2018