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Getting Your Off er Accepted T he Spring and Summer buying season is well underway. Homes are selling quickly, many times over the asking price with multiple offers. So how do you make your offer more attractive to the seller when they control the market? Many clients have been struggling with the idea of selling, knowing that they may not have a place to go or get their next purchase lined up in time due to low inventory. So what do they do? Contingent offers (an offer to buy a home that requires a sale or some other conditions fi rst) are not in vogue right now, so what can you do? By Jayson Stebbins Mortgage Professional Jayson Stebbins is a 25 year veter- an of the Mortgage Banking indus- try and an Accredited Mortgage Professional through the Mortgage Bankers Association. He grew up in Morgan Hill and currently lives in Gilroy. He is the local Branch Manager of Guild Mortgage, a 58 year old Mortgage Banking firm. His office is in Morgan Hill and serves all of Santa Clara, San Benito, and Monterey counties. You can reach Jayson and his Team at 408-825-0220 or at jstebbins@ try to qualify with both payments, by reducing the down payment on the new home and carrying both loans for qualifying. FULL APPROVAL: We all know that pre- approvals are a must YܙH[H][܈[YHHX[܋]]\B'[\ݘ[8'O\\[[\[][]]H\HY[YHY \™[H\ݙY[[\ܚ][HB[\[XYHۘHH\B\Y[Y[YHY \[Z[KBZ^HH\و۝[[Y\ۂ[\ٙ\\\KX[H[\[[[H][H\ݙYœ[[[\ٙ\QHSΈY[\\[YB\H\]Z]H[HYY^HH]šYKY][Y\[H[X\]YH8'Yx'H[XX\\][ܜ[\H[\ܘ\BYH[[H]YH۝[[ٙ\ۘH[\YH[[H^BٙHYK][H\HXX]܈H][YH[˜\HXN^H[H^[]H\[H\H[\\X\]B\Y[[\K[H[[•STUQHSԐSTΈ\H\B[ܘ[\]\H]ZY[\[HH[]ܙX]]KYB[[\Y][ۘ[[[YH\B[ܙH8'ܝ['H[]\H[X^H[ۙ^H\۝܈YH]HY\[\\]K\H[YH[ۜZB^Y[H\\[\Y[HXYHYH\\Y܈[H[[B]H[^X]Y\\H۝X \H\H[[][[܂]XY\]X[YZ[][[Bܝ\HX[]]HH[X[ۂ]\]Z\H[ H\۝ UTHHPT\H\H\Bݙ[HܚY\و[\Z[YB\ٙ\X[[]HH[HBH ][YH^Y\[Z[KH[H\[ ܈H]\[[[\ܞHH]H[\Y]X\\[[YH[Z[B[[[\ܞHH[\^HX^HH[[X\H۝[B[ٙ\Y^Hۛ]HYB[ۙ\[[Z[HZH[\˂[Y[\[\[[ۈ\H]X]H[\X\] SёTSӐSΈH]HY[B[ۙY\X[H[Y\]\H[ٙ\[ۘ[ˈ\HH[X[܈[[\H\[Y[ZHYB[\ۈHKX\ݘ[]\˜[X^HH[ܙHZ[HZH[ٙ\][\\[][ۈ[B][ۘ[[[\܈[˂X]\HB^\ۈX[\HX[Y[ܝYHY[[H܈Z[[ܝYH\[HS X[YHH\\NX[YHH\\Y[و\[\ݙ\Y[\H[YܛXH\Y[X[[ܝYH[[X S\[H[\]YHQ ̍[[\]YHQ  H[ۂ\Y]ܚX[ۉX\\[H\\[H][ۜ]YY\܈[[ۜوZ[[ܝYH\[H܈]Y[X]\ˈ\[ܛX][ۈ\X\[YYHX\]H[[HۜYY\HX\[YHو[\ݘ[ [[\HXX[\ܚ]\\ݘ[ [\HXX[H]]XK\]X[\[[\SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSKҕSH NZ^KB