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Homeownership Matters People, to Communities, and to the Economy By Jordan Levine, C.A.R. T he United States has supported homeownership for more than 100 years with direct tax relief and other incentives aimed at getting more folks to buy homes. As a nation, we have agreed that we want people to own their own home: it’s good for families, it’s good for the economy, and it is good for society. In some ways, the idea of owning your own home has become synonymous with the “American Dream” itself. The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has conducted annual survey research for more than three decades, and that research continues to show that the vast majority of renters still aspire to that American Dream, of which homeownership is front and center. Overall, half of all Millennials and Gen-Xers who rent in California say that homeownership is “very” or “extremely” important to them, while a small minority report that it is “not at all” important. Why Homeownership Matters Top Producing Team Gilroy Offi ce, 2015, 2016, 2017 Sean Dinsmore, Realtor Intero Real Estate Services 408.710.2855 DRE #01966405 Marta Dinsmore, Realtor GRI Intero Real Estate Services 408.710.0571 DRE #01352339 12 Not only is it aspirational, it has been shown consistently in the academic literature to be one of the only meaningful and reliable ways for families to build and maintain wealth and to propel future generations forward. According to the Federal Reserve’s 2016 Survey of Co 7VW"f6W2FRVFWBv'F`&VFW'2v2W7BCR#vRFRVFVvW"B&RFC#3WBv'FBB27W'&6RFBVvW'2fRV&ǒCW&RvVFFFPG6&VFW.( FFVvR667G'V7BFV&WF6FVvW&RG66RV&W"6FW7B2vVf6ǒ'fW7FrFV"6RFFP7F6&WBBFW"f6fW7FVB&GV7G2FW6R&VFV&WF6FV2FR&VƗG2FBF2&&VǒV2B7FVBbFr6fw0Br6ggf6fW7FVG2&VFW'2VBW67V֖r&S6W 6'2fW"6Fr&R7VFrVFW'FVBFVVB'f&N( 2@6VFW"f"W6r7GVFW2FW2&V6VB7GVGFR&VVfG2bRЦvW'6FB( vR7GVFW26VFrFRf6&WGW&2Fvr@&VFrfBFB&VFr2gFV&RƖVǒF&R&VVf6&7F6R&VFW'0&&Vǒ67VVFRvVF( ФvWfW"B6( BW7BF'2B6VG>( BN( 26&WBV6֖2&ƗGFW&R2vFR66V7W2FBW&6( 2V6֖2Ff'v&B&VƖW2fp6VBBgVv&Rv&f&6RVGV6FGFVB2VvR'BbF@6WFFfVW72BvRvRrFB&VN( 26RWfV27G&pFWFW&֖B7GVFW2fR6vFBvV&VB2VvW"FW&P2FFF7&V6RFRƖVƖBFB6Bv&Ff6v66B6WfR&WGFW"FBVvƗ666&W2&fRB&WBFRVffV7G2bpvVFFRf֖ǒ2BFBFW6R&W7VG2&R'F7V&ǒG'VRBFRvW"V@bFR6RF7G&'WFFW2&W6W'frBWFrVvW'66Ɩf&2BǒvBf"F6Rf֖ƖW2v6GFBB2b&V@'F6RFFRV6גBFgWGW&RvVW&F2vB2B7FRf"6Ɩf&&V6W6RVvW'626'FBFFRgWGW&R2"fVvBVFFPVBbFRrfW&GVRFV&FRfW"rFVWVvW'6g&B@6VFW"FRWrF&Vf&6vRFW&R2FV'BFBFRV6גvV@t$( "$t( "4%DथTRTŒ#vևFF6