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the Valley of the Kings are over 60 tombs, with more being discovered every day. The pharaohs chose this site as their graveyard and built their tombs far underground, hoping to prevent robbers from taking the treasures they would need in the afterlife. Sadly, most of these tombs were robbed, but one was discovered intact in 1922, the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The boy king was found buried in coffins, one inside the other, made of solid gold and wood. We visited the tomb and saw his mummy still rest [\K[وH\YX[Y[BY\Y\[HXۚXX]X\œ\YH[HY\X[]\][H[Z\˂H[[ܛ[H]H[^HوH[™H[[\[HY\[\X]KHZ\[ۋB^\Y[H[HY]\H[[HHܙ[[ۜZ[ۈ\[HX\H[ܛ[\ۙ\HXYۚYX[[\KHYݙ\H[\\[[\[ܙY[\HوH[وH[K[[]B[H[[][[[\[Z\ˈ^B[X\]Y\\][[\XYXHZK[ܘZKۚ^H[ ]\[YH[^[H\Hٙ\YKۈHYXK]ZXHH\ܙY[\وH[B]H^HH\[\HوHZ\HHH]ۛBH]Y\\[\[\HZ\]K\[ BSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSTS PVH NZ^KBN