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“an extremely smooth, auburn colored Bavarian lager with a mildly sweet malt finish.” Our Pinot Noir got 91 points from Josh Raynolds of Vinous and is described by the winery as “Bright red in the glass, with spice-accented aromas of dark berries and cola, a hint of floral vanilla and a black pepper note. Broad and full in the mouth with a blackberry-raspberry and cherry-cola attitude. Long finish with a touch of smoky mocha and velvet tannin.” Salads and a “killer good” Lobster Bisque arrived soon. The salad was a medley of olives, white and black beans, cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and mixed greens topped with blue cheese and a choice of dressings. Steve liked that the extras were around the edge, so he could focus on the lettuce and greens. J.Chris and Jennifer agreed that the bisque was “to die for.” The main entrees arrived soon there- after. Steve had the Grilled Pork Chops (pork with a sweet apple glaze). Two large chops came on a bed of mashed potatoes. Jennifer and I ordered from the specials menu. She had the Chicken Putenesca (chicken breast, olives, sun dried tomatoes, capers, marinara) served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. I got the Petrale Sole (pan seared sole with a parmesan crust and lemon caper sauce) served with fingerling potatoes, seasonal vegetables). J.Chris had the Filet Mignon (8oz. aged Angus, center cut, demi-glace) from the regular menu. The four meals arrived together, warm and beautifully presented. There was silence at the table for a while as we dug into our entrées. Steve really liked his two large chops and the aromatic sauce. I think he was the only one who cleaned his plate. Jenn ˊéAѕ͍)ٕ䁙ٽəհͅՍɝ)( ɥ́ɑɕ)ЁմɅɔѡЁЁ݅ϊ)Ѽəѥ5AɅM)݅́՝͠%Ё݅́ݕ)ɕɕٽəհх)ѥհ)Aѥ́ݕɔɝݔѽ)ѡɕѼ́ѡЁи)́ݔݕɔ٥ٕ䁱Յ)ٕݔѕЁݥѠ͕и)]͕ѱY  ձ)]ͥ ɕAՑ݅ɴɅ)ͅՍͅѕɅѼ])ЁݥѠѱ)́и)%Ё݅́ݽəհЁݥѠͽ)ɕЁѕݥݥѠ͡ɕ)ѽɥٕ́ɕ̸5ՍѼ)ɥ͔ݔݕɔѡЁ́)ѡ͔͡ЁЁѼѡх)]ͥQ݅́ɕаѡ)͕ٕ́ݕѡѵɔ)݅́ͅа̸́݅)͕)ɥAɬ )Y) ) ձ)]ͥ) ɕ)AՑ) Aѕ͍)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)AI%05d)ѽ乍(