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Theater Scene Now Playing Written By Matthew Russell Hendrickson “Tendrely, The Rosemary Clooney Musical” South Valley Civic Theater April 27,28, 29 May 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 18, 19 Behind the Scenes B ehind the stage of every theater company, community or professional, there is always some sort of production staff and/or board of directors who handle the actual workings of getting a play from the planning stage to being performed for an audience. The Morgan Hill Community Playhouse is the home of South Valley Civic Theater and they have a board of directors. Each year there is a changing of the guard on the board and this year’s new president of the board is Gilroy’s own Scott Lynch. If you haven’t seen Scott on stage you are definitely missing out. He recently won the Best Male Actor in a Leading Role award at the SVCT Member’s Choice Awards held in October of last year for his performance as Vanya in “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike!” Scott has performed for audiences in Gilroy and Morgan Hill for ten years now. Scott started performing in grade school, but his first big leap was during his senior year at Gilroy High School when he auditioned for a part in “Flowers For Algernon” and was cast as Charlie. Scott recalls the story was an emotional roller coaster “and I remember one scene in which I could hear people in the audience crying. As an actor, eliciting such an emotional response was an incredible experience.” Thirty years later he decided to audition for SVCT’s 2008 production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He landed the role of George Bailey who struggles with the significance of his own life. “There were a lot of changes happening for me at that time and the whole question of how one person’s life can positively impact others resonated with me.” Scott has since performed in a total of seven plays for both SVCT and Limelight Actors Theater. He has also produced five plays for SVCT. It was during this time that he joined the board of directors for SVCT. This coming 2018-2019 season marks the 50 th anniver- sary for SVCT since it original started as Gilroy Community Theater. The upcoming season includes encore productions of musicals from previous seasons which were chosen through audience suggestions of productions they would like to see again. The upcoming season starts in September and runs through July of next year. The list of productions is included in the calendar at the end of this section. Scott’s memorable roles include Charlie in “Flowers For Algernon,” George Baily in “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Reverend Brown in “Inherit The Wind” and Vanya in “Vanya And Sonya And Masha And Spike.” When asked which was his favorite he GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Tenderly, the Rosemary Clooney Musical offers a fresh, remarkably personal, and poignant picture of the woman whose unparalleled talent and unbridled personality made her a legend. In Tenderly, Rosemary Clooney’s journey starts with her simple Maysville, Kentucky childhood and follows her rise to Hollywood stardom. With her signature songs woven in and out, we learn both the story of her successes on film, radio, and TV, as well as her struggles in her personal life – with a career fading during the advent of rock-and-roll and her battles with addiction and depression. Aud ́хȁ́ѡɕЁ)ɥյЁٕɔՍ͙հɕȁ)ͥȸ)1Ёѽ́Qѕ(ā5ѕɕMɕЃɽ)хѽѡѕȹ+q)ȸ)ɥİܰఀ)5а԰ذİ) ͕ѡձȁɥѕɽѡQ)݅ɐݥ Ё5ͥݥѠٕ͍ɔ)Q݅ɐݥ̰Q́5 ɱ́Mɽ͔)5ѥ ɹ)Hɕٕ́役éٽɥєѱɕ)ȁٕ䁙Ёٕɔ)]ѠՅɕ́Սͥѥ٥䰁ѱ)ɵٕ́役é́єеѼѡхЁ(́9܁eɬ 丁́ѕɵѼѡɕ)ݡȁ啅́ѡѕ)ոѡՕ5́!ٕՅ䁙́5)!é٥ѥ̰܁)ɔ=ٕȁ]ɉՍ̰́ͽ͕ɕх䰁Ʌ)ɕمЁM)MY P5ѕɕI)5ɝ!ٍйɜ)ɕsѽ՝Ё$ݽձٔѼͅ)ɝ 䁥%ӊé]əհ1t+q%Ё݅́хѡЁ$Ցѥȁ%ӊẽq)]əհ1tՑѥѥ͕݅́ЁѼ)՝ѕȁ丁Qѡ́䰁$eЁ܁܁͡Ё)MY SéиQѥ݅́ɥа$Օ̰ȁ)ѼЁٽٕͽѡͥݽɬ͕Ʌє)ɽѡ͍ѥ٥ѥ́ѡЁݕɔȁ)ɕ ЁѽѡЁɥ́́ѽՍ)ݥѠͽѡѡЁ́ѡȰհ)݅丁%ӊéѡѥɕ͔ѡЁ́ЁɅѥ她)ɵ ЁɅЁͥ՝ȁ她)%ӊét)AI%05d)ѽ乍(