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S uzanne Fensin has a unique method of finding ideas for her abstract art. Her inspiration “comes from the resonance of her heart,” bringing the colors she visualizes to life through mixing colors and pouring them on canvas. She describes heart resonance as the inherent energetic frequency our hearts emit that represents the unique personal gifts we share with the world. She sees these colors and applies them to her canvas. She says everyone has heart resonance but knows of no one else that can see the colors in other people. “When I meet someone, I feel their heart resonance and see their essence colors,” Fensin explains from her home studio. “I bring these colors to life through mixing paints and pouring them on canvas, using different techniques such as tilting the canvas and blowing on the paint. I string them into inspirational messages on a card that accompanies the painting.”  According to Fensin, subjects of this process are amazed to see a likeness to how they feel. Asked when she realized she had these abilities, she can’t recall, but says, “I’ve always been sensitive and intuitive.” Mystical overtones aside, viewers will enjoy her colorful renderings of swirling colors and varying shapes