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day to tire him out and to alleviate his separation anxiety. If your dog barks at other dogs or people when out on a walk, distract him to refocus on the walk. Next, if you are traveling with your pet, have paperwork, licenses, and tags with you. Airlines and campgrounds require these. Don’t forget any medications, food, and treats. A clean well-groomed pet is always appreciated whether staying in your hotel or a pet motel. Be prepared. Bring a carrier and a doggy bed even if the dog will sleep next to you in a bed. Don’t forget the favorite toy! If yo R&R7FrB6VRV6^( 0W6RB2'VFRF77VRFBR6'&rW"WBv26&Vf&VBWfVbW"Fr2fFVBwVW7BF( BFRbR2FW7G'V7FfP"bR6( BvBvFFW"Fw0FBv&RFW&RbR2熖W0&VBWrVR"FffW&V@Vf&VBF( BFRV6P&W7V7BFW"VW>( W2BF( @6Vf6ǒFRW"FrbRr@6( BvBfBW6R&fW76W@6GFW""f6ƗGखbR&RVFW'FrBPBW"wVW7G2&R6V&ǒ熖W2 V6f'F&R&VBW"WBWBFPFRFW"&"WG6FR6RfƷ2&RW&v2B6PB&RW6VBFfW&ǒW6FV@WB"&vRFrFWWfV&Pg&vFVVBbR&RfrfƷ2fW v&RWrFW"RV6Pf&FV&Vf&VBFBRfPWB"WG2FV6&62W'2FW"F~( @6B7FVVFv&VBVWBBאW'6WBVWfR&VvvrBFPFW"F&R"G'FFV6FVЦVvr2( w&FrF2&V6W6Rא7G&6'W76VFW'&W"&V&R26RЧFW2( W'26VvVN( vVw&VWBЦrFW"Fw2V2&R&&VЦf"W"vVW&VBWG2&R&PV6BF&R&VBvVW&V@WBvW'2&R&V6FVBB&W7V7BЦVBf"vrFV"WG>( &Vf"W"WG2&RƖRf֖ǒvRvBFP&W7Bf"FVBf"F6R&VBW2dC#utԅF`v&( 2ff&FR6ffVR6#f'7B7G&VWB( "CC"3C( "f6V&6f'7G7G&VWF6ffVRs`t$( "$t( "4%D$#vևFF6У2p33