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Ladera Grill. We share a love of fine art and both desired to one day open a fine art gallery in Morgan Hill. I also knew that in order to grow my business I would need to go private and rebrand it.” De Lane entered the art world as a dancer. But in her late teens, a knee injury forced her to refocus her ambitions. She began a successful career at Revlon, but with all the required business travel, her old knee injury caught up with her. “A friend of mine owned a frame shop and with my business background and interest in creative arts, I decided to give framing a try.” De Lane started her new frame business in 2005.”We looked at a lot of communities before choosing Morgan Hill to start our business. We wanted to find a city that could use a framing business that offered a wide variety of frames and that catered to their clients.” For the first six years, the business was located in Tennant Station before moving to downtown Morgan Hill. “When all the vibrancy started in the downtown area, we wanted to be a part of it.” “It’s easy to spend one to two hours with a customer,” explains De Lane. “They bring in the most fascinating things from their travels and tell us such interesting stories. Their items are sentimental and not necessarily expensive. So we take what they bring in and help them create a story within a frame.” Some frames are three-dimensional shadow boxes which are used for objects or mementos. We strive to re-create their stories with the o ́ѡ䁉ɥ)t1͕ٕ́ѡɽɕд)Ʌѡϊdݕɕ͕́Ѽх䁍)ݥѠ́ɥ̸=ѡȁ䁉́ٔ)ɅѕɽͥՍ́ͥՑ)͗éаɕɔՙɅѕհѥ)ѕ̸1ٕ́Ʌͥ́)ͱє+q=ȁѥ́́ݽɬݡ)ɥ́́ɕɸѽ́ɽA Ѽ)ѕȁ 丁Qɕ锁ȁѕͥ)ͭͅݔɔݽѠѡɥt+q ɧtɅͱѕ́Ѽյɐ͕ٕ)ɕЁՅ̸q]͔ѡ܁͔)յɑ́ɕЁѡՅѥ́ݔ݅ЁѼ)ݸѡeɔəհեչՔ)ͱ䁙͍ѥt)Q܁ ɤͥ́́ɕ͕х́)͕ٕ́ݕ]Ѡѡѥхєѡ)ɽՍѥ䰁 ɤ́܁Ѽєɝ͍)ɽ̰́ݕ́٥Յ̰ѥȁȸ%)ѥѼѡȁձ͕ѥɅ̰ ɤ́ѡ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)܁Y ѥݥѠٕȀՅ䁙Ʌ)ѥ́ѡЁɕݥѡѡɕ)ȁ̸)ѡ՝ ɤ́ɕѱ䁱ѕѡɹȁ)MɕЁ5ѕɕMɕаܰɝȁե́ѡ)ݽɭ́ݡݥٔѡͥ́Ёݸ+q]eɔѼɅєȁѥѽɅ)ͥ́ݥѠձЁ䁥ѡЁݸ)ѽݸ]٥ͥݥȁЁѼѡѼɕє)幕ɝѥ܁ɽѼѡѡȻt)ݥѠѡɥ٥̰ͥ1)ѕѼ٥Ѽȁչ丁1́)٥ͥɕՕЁٽչѕȁݥѠѡ5ɝ!!ѽɥ)M䁅5ɝ!ݹѽݸ ͥ́ͽѥ+q ɤͼɽ٥́Սѥѕ́ȁɽ̰͍)ɥѥ́́݅́ɽՐѼЁȁչ今t+q$䁍ɕѥɅѡЁ́Ѽѡt)1q=䁝ɕѕЁɕ݅ɑ́́ɥѽ)ͅ䰃a$ЁЁٕ䁑䁅Ёٔлgt)AI%05d)ѽ乍(