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Technology and Kids’ Maturity KIDS THESE DAYS! IT SEEMS LIKE THEY’RE GROWING UP FASTER THAN WE DID WHEN WE WERE THEIR AGE. WHILE THERE ARE MANY REASONS FOR THIS, SUCH AS INCREASED ACADEMIC DEMANDS, THE MEDIA TARGETING YOUNGER AGE GROUPS, AND ABSENTEE PARENTS, THE MAIN CULPRIT APPEARS TO BE TECHNOLOGY; MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA. BUT WHAT WE OFTEN OVERLOOK IS THAT BEING MORE ADEPT WITH TECHNOLOGY DOESN’T NECESSARILY EQUATE TO “GROWING UP.” THE INFLUENCE TECHNOLOGY HAS ON OUR CHILDREN’S MATURITY IS FAR MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT. Sources: Ramasubbu, Suren, “Does Technology Impact a Child’s Emotional Intelligence?”, Huffpost, huffi “Maturity Levels,” The Center for Parenting Education, d o Ki s, I G APRIL/MAY 2018 Fa Article Brought To You By: GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN part of their brains responsible for impulse control is still not fully developed, they’re rarely able to stop and think about the potential consequences of their actions. This can result in harmful situations, like kids sending each other nude selfies and getting bullied or shamed because of it, engaging in sexual behaviors, or hurting other people or animals in order to get views on social media. Empathy, another aspect of emotional maturity, also suffers. The act of doing extreme things in order to garner more likes and views means that kids are exposed to a lot more shocking material than their parents were as kids. This leads to a general desensitization, making kids more callous to the plight of others. Ironically enough, constantly being “plugged in” to social platforms and the internet also leads to more social isolation. Kids would rather look at their devices than talk to a real human being. And since empathy is best acquired through human touch, face-to-face interaction, and communication through verbal and non-verbal cues, their ability to empathize withers. Unfortunately, as empathy declines, narcissism often rises in its place. At the end of the day, however, it’s important to note that technology is just a tool. The effects that it has on a child’s maturity, positive or negative, all depends on the user and the user’s support network. Assess your child’s personal maturity levels and grant tech privileges accordingly. Most importantly, take an active interest in the thing ]^H\H[ˈB[ܙHYܝ[H][ۛ[][\[8&\ۛ[B[\\\H[KH[ܙHZ[H[H\HHHXBوX\ۈ܈[H[^H[[\[X\[[˂\\Hۙ^H\[[[\Y\HZ\ۈ[ܘ[\\˂BX[KHY]X]\]H\Y][]]H]\›ٝ[YX\\YHZ[\ۙ\ˈ[\YX\[܈X\\[\[\^H\H\^KB[\X[X]\]K][[ۙ]\[[Y[[\]]H^H\HX\وX[X]\]K[Y\[\[XXۘ\[ۜKB]Y[\^x&\HXZ[[ܙH[[XX[HX]\K[[^x&\HXHXۛYHZ\Z\[Xۚ^B[^x&]HۙHY][ܛۙ^x&\Hۚ[Z\[ܘ[X]\]K[و\HY\[X]وX]\]HZB[YH][ X[\XXx&\KYܙH^HX]H܈YK[[[]H[[]\YHوݙ\ L \^Z[Y[[Y\[[XZ]Yݙ\ [XZ[[[[Y\Y\[[ݙ\ L \[[[^[ۈ[ۙ\ˈY[[\[ \HZ[][X\ۙ\[X[YYXBX[][[\[[[\Y\ˈ[و\X\B[][[H\XوX]\]H]\H[XYB[H][Y [XHX[X]\]K^[[ۛ[H][]\Y[ܙHوH[HXXHZ\[][X][ۈ[[[\[\ˈX\B[\][[]H[8&\[[XX[X]\]HBݚY[[\[H]Y\[ۜ]ZY\\H\[Z\^KX\8'H\HHYO'H܈8']\\Y'B\H\H[\\YX][ۘ[\[[[H]ڙX[ܚˈ][HH[\][X[YYXH\H\\وX]\]K\[]\H[Y[[\X\X\[[[ۘ[X]\]KY\[[[ۘ[X]\]K܈[[[ۘ[[[Y[K\HX[]BXۚ^H[[\[[[[ۜ[[\[\[\š[\[\H\]\[\X[YH[\Z][܂[[\[][ۜ\ˈ\[X]\[\\X[H[\™HHX[]HXۚ^H[\[\[[]YX[\\]BH[\[\ۛY[[\[]YX[X\B]HوX[YYXH^\Y[\ˈ][[H[قۛ[H\[KH][Yܘ[K]\܈[X\[X]\\[\ݘ[܈\\ݘ[H\ˈHقZ\ۈHܙX]\[Y[Hو\Z\XY\\Y[Y[ [[Y\H[]]YB\H^H[HZYH]\[ۙK[X\[HHYوZ\[\[Y[]H܈[Hو[X\ݘ[[\H[وZ\[]ܝۈH\ݘ[وZ\Y\ˈ^H[\[Y[[H[ܙH\HZ][ܜ]X]YY[š[ܙ\]]][[ۈ[\ݘ[[X]\HBBH[H™Z^KB MH[ܛ]B[BY˛ܙL