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Publishers Larry J. Mickartz J. Chris Mickartz P 96 92 104 Dining Out With Friends JENNIFER AND STEVE TATE AT WESTSIDE GRILL 102 Authors’ Corner ANN BARHAM AND THE AFTER LIFE 104 The Healthy Plate MISUNDERSTOOD GREEN PEAS 108 The Vine A Q&A WITH THE GUGLIELMO BROTHERS 114 It’s Your Swing THE ULTIMATE SPECTATOR SPORT CONTRIBUTORS 12 Time to Move THE DINSMORE TEAM • REAL ESTATE 22 Amazing Renovation Loans JAYSON STEBBINS • MORTGAGE BANKING 24 Retirement, Ready or Not FINANCIALLY SPEAKING • IFIT 51 Technology and Kid's Maturity eople often stop us on the street, or at the grocery store and comment on how much they love this magazine. It's heartwarming to hear and makes our job just that much more pleasurable. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share the people, places and things that make the South Santa Clara Valley so amazing with our readers. But we would not be able to bring this publication to you without the support of our advertisers. We thank them for investing their marketing dollars with us and we thank you, our readers, for supporting them. We urge you to let them know that you saw them within these pages and thank them for bringing this publication to you free of charge. I would like to remind you that you can visit our web- site —— and view this, our current issue of TODAY, as well as every issue of Gilroy Today (2006), Morgan Hill Today (2013) and TODAY (2015) published. I enjoy looking at the past issues and reminiscing. Just recently I was reminded of the very first issue we published in June, 2006. I think we printed something like 3000 copies and it was just 12 pages. Today, we publish 14,000 copies, and this issue is 116 pages. We also have an online presence that brings our total reach per issue to over 50,000. This issue is a little bigger, eight pages to be exact, because of the local non-profits we support. Several are having their major fundraisers in April and May. We live in an area that is rich with opportunities to make a difference. For us, making that difference comes in the way of sponsorships. We are proud to currently sponsor some 20 events within the South Santa Clara Valley that support programs for our youth, less advan- taged individuals and our seniors. See list of events on page 9. I want to welcome Cathy Katavich and her new column, The Healthy Plate (page 104). She brings a wealth of knowledge about food and the benefits it provides. She will be giving us some delicious ways to incorporate some of our healthiest food alternatives into our diets. Enjoy!! gmh gmh GO KIDS INC • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 58 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, 2017 IT'S YOUR MONEY • FINANCIAL PLANNING GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN COVER PHOTO: My daughter, Kristine and granddaughter Ava Lee Kristine was born and raised in Gilroy, she resides with her husband, Oliver and my grandson, Maddox (6) and granddaughter, Ava (2) in Littleton, Colorado. The photo was taken by Jessica Jo Ano not long after Ava was born. APRIL/MAY 2018 5