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also have a strong connection with the City. Board Chair Rich Firato and I meet monthly with Mayor Tate and City Man- ager Christina Turner. The collaboration between local government and commu- nity organizations over the last year has grown exponentially.” Horner noted that while the Chamber is about 90 percent small businesses (less than 50 employees), the majority of the City’s large businesses are also members. Roughly 50 percent of operating funds come from member dues and advertising revenues, and the balance comes from annual events. Horner is also Board Vice Chair of the Silicon Valley Chamber Coalition, which represents 18 chambers from San Francisco to Hollister that meet bi- monthly to share information and best practices regarding issues of education, housing, land use, regulatory environ- ment and transportation. “It’s good for South County to be aware and have a voice in what’s hap- pening up north and throughout our region,” Horner said. Honoring Community Servants Last month, the Chamber hosted its 60th Annual Celebrate Morgan Hill event at the Britton Middle School gym. Attendees filled the gym decked out in their “Prom Night” finery in a nod to the event’s theme. “It’s the longest-running awards program in Morgan Hill,” Horner said. “The community-at-large nominates the candidates, and winners from the past five years make the final selections. Our city has amazing people who go above and beyond, year after year. This year we honored Kathy and Brian Sullivan as Woman and Man of the Year; our first married couple to capture the well-deserved honors.” Tapping Into Talent The Morgan Hill Chamber of Com- merce and Visitors Center is guided by a 14-member board representing large and small business, education, local agencies, and the hospitality industry. According to Firato, “As a board, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Everyone is busy. We leverage our individual talents and passions. This is what makes serving on the board enjoyable and motivates people to do their best.” “So, for example, Mark Phillips brings his professional expertise in the resorts and tourism industry,” Firato said. “Diana Wood used her skill as a motivational speaker and executive development coach in co-chairing Rock the Mock this year. Ken Murray’s putting his tech industry background to work in leading our government relations committee.” Firato has been involved with the Chamber since 2009, and he led the decision to hire John ܛ\\\Y[[S˂'\\[ۘ]HX]YX][ۋHX\XYYHH[Bܘ[HX\Y[HYHX\[\\[Y[܈H؈[\Y]™^\Y[K'B\]&\\[ۈ܈]\X\H]B[ܘHZ[HY^HY]\Xœ\Y\XY[\H]XYB \]ܜ[۝ۈ[ܙ[[܈]H]\X[[Y\Y[˜[وX[^[˂']8&\XYHZHH8&]Hܙ[[B[\]X]\8&x'H\]ZY 8'\x&\›\[YHZH\۝ۂ[\]X]\[][KY[ۘ[[[^H܈Z\[ˈ[[ܜ[[HZ\˂][\ۘ]\YYH[\\ˈXY\\[ܙ[[[[YH[\]X]\Y˂[Y\ݙHYH[\[K]\[ۙH][Y 'B\Y[X\[^HZ[X\\\Hܙ[^\܈H[X[\Hو[ܙ[[[\[H\YZ[[\[X\]\š[] ]YX\]ܚ[[]YX\•H[X\&\Y[X\[[][]B[][ۜ\X܈\]^H\X[\HܛY\[\\X܈܈X\[[HۛH[Hۙš][]H[\HXܛ[\K]x&\H]H[][X]܈[X\]\H[ܚY܈[0X[\[\[ݘ][ۈوBܘ[YHX]\'x&\Hܝ[]H][ܙ[[\B\H\[[][]K8'H\X[ZY '\ۙ][YHY[X\\\Z^\[Xۈ][ˈ^Hۛ›]Y[X\X[HYY]ܚˈBSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSTS PVH N[X[\[Y\]\\\˜[Y\[ˈ\H\[Y\ZHœ[Z\][\YY\[X\YY][[[\YH[H[Y\]\][ˈ]8&\HܙX]^B[[HۛX]\[[][]K'BY[]X[ܙHZ[[X[[][]H[Y[Y[ \X[X\XYYH[YܝوH[ܙ[[[[H[X\و[Y\B][H][H[[”ٙ\[ۘ[]ܚ T8&SK'T8&S]ZXK8'B\X[ZY 8'H]HY[X\™H[ܙ[[ [H[\\\x&\HY[ۘ[\[x&\H][[Y[H\Y]HقX]]Y\˸'B\X[]ۈHܚ[˜[Z]YH\ܝH[Y[\و[YܛXx&\ۙKY^H][[[ܙ[[ 'x&\H^ܚ[قܝ[]Y\܈H[\H[][]B[YH]\][ [›ZHZHܚ[ZHX]]Y\H8&XX[^Y[Yx&H[B۝ۈ[\]X]\H[ݚYBY [HZHYHY\[[H[K'B\]Y\ \X[[Y]H[[X[Z][ؚ[]X[[Xދ[][]HXY\X[XB۞[K[\[][[Y[&\YZˈH^ Y^H][YYYHܚوY[[\[][]H[ۛܙYZ\X\\Y[˰'HYH[HܙY[[H[[وY[XY\[\X]]Y\™XX^K8'H\X[ZY 8']\[XZ]YHXYYXZH][[X[Y][ۋ[H]HX\Y]Y\ KL[X[Y[&\YZ[[ܙ[[ 'BY[XHX]Y[\\X܂وXX][ۜ]H[ܙ[[[X\HX[Y\H[X\X]K]]\X[YYXH[[]][ܙ[^][ۋ[ NNMX]Y[H]]Hق^\[ܛY\Kˈ\^H\X[ [ݙY[ܙ[[]\\ؘ[\HH\YۈZ\[Z\\[[[[Y[Y\[]H[X\&\Y^BY]\X\Y\˂Z^KB