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Time to Move

Top Producing Team Gilroy Office , 2015 , 2016 , 2017
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Some people live in the same house all their lives . Amazing . Worse ( or better yet ?), some actually live in the house in which their parents , or even their grandparents , spent their entire lives . Amazing x2 . If I didn ’ t know people who have done this , I would not believe such a scenario was even plausible . Imagine , seriously , spending 90 years or so looking at the same walls , if not the same furniture . Wow . Get me out of there , please .

I know some people would beg to differ with my view on this topic . They find and cherish peace and security in the comfort of their family cocoon , where every corner is familiar and somewhat reassuring . Why move if you don ’ t have any good reason to ? You know the kind . Nothing bad about it , just a little strange . My take only .
You see , life , like the world around us , has a way to keep on changing , whether we like it or not ; whether we recognize it or not . We change , too . Our means change . Our needs evolve . Our taste evolves . Our family size may change : it grows or it shrinks . Nothing stays the same .
You may say that it is entirely possible to enjoy “ the best of both worlds ,” i . e . change a lot about the looks and ambiance of a house and yet stay put under the same roof . As a matter of fact , millions of Americans have done just that over the last few years rather than move , together with their equity , to another home . The scarcity of listed properties and rising prices , of course , played a big role in such “ choice .” The decision is not without serious risks though , depending on the extent and the quality of the makeover .
Changing the paint color or reupholstering the chairs is one thing , but breaking walls , adding one level ( whether up or down ) or making the kitchen gorgeous and functional , is another thing entirely . You should think twice and hard about embarking on a major renovation . You kind of know where you want to start but you may not know where the adventure is going to take you . The problem when you start a renovation project is that the more you do , the more you still have to do , and the more you discover that needs fixing or updating to make everything whole , logical and coherent . You can ’ t add anything which conflicts badly with the surroundings in terms of style , or height , or whatever . Meanwhile , the contractor ’ s bill gets heavier and less and less digestible .
Another thing or two you ought to keep in mind . The idea , when you undertake a small , or major , house makeover is to make it more desirable , for yourself or for possible buyers if the end-goal is to sell and pocket incremental profit . Well , nothing is assured . For one thing , an “ improvement ” is not necessarily improving the value . The renovation can go wrong and mistakes are costly . The house may lose value rather than gain some . Or you went overboard and can ’ t recoup all of your investment considering the limit on value based on “ comparable ” homes in the neighborhood you live in .
My philosophy in life is very simple : don ’ t do anything major if you don ’ t know the way it ’ s going to turn out and don ’ t even enjoy the ride ( and the bill ) for the journey . Many have learned their lessons and paid dearly for their grand remodeling ideas .
When my clients seek my opinion on whether to pour money and time into a makeover job , my advice is always the same : “ If this is your ‘ final destination ,’ go for it . If you ’ re thinking about renovating your house because you no longer like it as it is , you have two options . You can hire an architect , or a contractor , or an interiordesigner , keep writing checks and live in a hotel with no definite end in sight . OR , look for another home and buy yourself one that already has most , if not all , of the amenities and benefits you want or need .”
In the end , this option will probably save you lots of time , dollars and headaches . Your choice .
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