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The Healthy Plate by Cathy Katavich The Misunderstood Green Peas Even though we Californians are fortunate to get a great variety of produce year- round, it’s always wonderful to use ingredients that are at the peak of their season, for best fl avor, color, availability and price! This season we celebrate green peas, a seasonal gem that’s never been accused of being “trendy.” And I’m not talking about those mushy, olive green peas we were required to eat as kids! It’s no wonder peas don’t come to mind as a wonderful culinary ingredient! Peas are in the legume family that includes, but is not limited to, lentils, beans, chickpeas and soybeans. Peas are one of the few members of the legume family that are commonly sold and cooked as fresh vegetables. Cathy's entire career has been in the food business. She received her culinary training at CIA, Culinary Institute of America, at both Greystone (Napa) and Hyde Park, NY. She managed Research and Development for Gilroy Foods and in the past ten years she was involved in the frozen vegetable business, heading up Business Development, Sales and Marketing. She lives in Gilroy with her husband, Peter Katavich. 104 Chilled Spring Pea Soup with Lobster and Orzo Health benefits of green peas Fresh, tender peas have about 100 calories per cup, and are good sources of protein, fi ber, minerals, and vitamins. They are rich antioxidants and have been shown to help lower cholesterol, support blood sugar regulation, promote heart health and help protect against certain cancers. The popularity of peas dates backs thousands of years. Originally found in the Middle East, peas are now popular across the globe. Even Thomas Jefferson knew how good peas were: he grew no less than thirty varieties on his Virginia estate. Buying and Using Fresh Peas When you’re choosing yo \X\[Y[X\H\\[[BX[ܙY[[܈[[وX\]]H[\HXK\\KH[HHˈX\[H[[Kۘ\ٙH[HوH[[[H[ٙH8'XY8'H][\HX[Hو[X\˂[H[H[[ݙHHYYXYYH\Y[H^H]HY[[\Y[H YܙH\[\X\]8&\\[[H܈X] HZ[]H[[[]\[]ZXH[[XH]\] \[]H܋Y\[[HZ\YܙY[[܋\][XZ\H]Y[›[ܙH[]Z[XK[[\\Y[H[&]][\[ۈ\X\\[ޙ[\\XH[KܙY[X\Y^H]\[X[H\Y]X\ˈH]܈X^HHYH\Y] ]YܙY\K^B[H\Y[[X\\܈\X\ˈޙ[X\[HYYYܙH\[˂]8&\]HX\H[HHX\H]ܙY XHY] [[\\Y]XH\]X[ܙH\][H[\]]0YY]]\[Y]\[X[\HX\XZHH\YX\[[ۈ[\Y]Y\و\K[X\›XZH[[X^[[Y܈\ \YY]8&\ܙX]\HXY ܈][[H[YHB\HH]و^H]ܚ]H\ܙY[XHX\\H]\[˂SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSTS PVH NZ^K