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Mom’s San Francisco Shellfish Cioppino 1 large YELLOW ONION, diced 1 bunch GREEN ONIONS, sliced (include part of the tops) 1 GREEN PEPPER, seeded and diced 5 large cloves GARLIC, diced 1/3 cup OLIVE OIL 1/3 cup PARSLEY, chopped 2 can (1 lb.) TOMATO PUREE 6 cans (8 oz.) TOMATO SAUCE 4 can (1 lb.) ITALIAN STEWED TOMATOES, smashed 3 tomato sauce cans of RED WINE 6 tomato puree cans of WATER 3 BAY LEAVES 5 teaspoon SALTS 1 teaspoon PEPPER 1 / 4 teaspoon ROSEMARY 1 / 4 teaspoon THYME 3 teaspoon CRUSHED RED PEPPER 1 teaspoon ITALIAN SEASONING 3 tablespoon ANDY’S RUB 1 teaspoon OREGANO 4-6 tablespoons *CRAB BUTTER 1 **SALMON HEAD (optional) in cheese cloth 4 large fresh cleaned and cracked DUNGENESS CRABS 1 dozen fresh CLAMS in shell 1 dozen fresh MUSSELS in shell 1 pound large PRAWNS 1 pound large SCALLOPS 1-2 loaves SOURDOUGH FRENCH BREAD to dip in sauce. Notes: *CRAB BUTTER —The liquid from the body when the body is separated from the legs. It looks like the stuff that you want to throw away. Spoon it out (about 2 teaspoons per crab) and put it in the sauce for some great additional flavor. **SALMON HEAD—Put a salmon head into the sauce when there is enough to submerge the head and leave it in the sauce until you are ready to put in the seafood. Wrap the salmon head in cheese cloth so it doesn’t fall apart and get bones in the sauce. This is a huge recipe. It serves 18 but it can be cut down. It does take a while but have some appetizers and a glass of wine while it cooks. In a frying pan that has a cover (Dutch Oven), sauté the ONION, GREEN ONION, GREEN PEPPER & GARLIC in OLIVE OIL for about 5 minutes. Add PARSLEY, TOMATO PUREE, TOMATO SAUCE, STEWED TOMATOES, WINE, WATER & ALL the SEASONINGS. Cover and simmer for about an hour. (For thicker sauce, simmer without the lid until desired thickness) Arrange the CRAB pieces in the bottom of a large pan. Place the CLAMS on top of the CRAB. Pour on the hot prepared sauce, cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes. Then place the MUSCLES, PRAWNS and SCALLOPS on the CLAMS. Let simmer for about another 10 to 15 minutes or until the MUSCLE shells open and the PRAWNS turn red. A special thanks to Lynn and Andy Viale for letting us participate in this fantastic holiday feast… and thanks to Sam for making the connection even though he could not be there. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 91