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cooking FOR fun WITH SAM BOZZO Viale Cioppino Twas the Season Written By Larry J. Mickartz T raditions and holidays go together. Andy and Lynn Viale are a local couple who have kept a family holiday tradition alive. Usually they prepared a cioppino dinner on Christmas Eve but due to quirky work schedules over the years it was moved to a weekend in December. If you haven't already meet Andy, he is well known in the community as the creator of Andy’s Rub, that delicious concoction of special spices. It was a cool afternoon last December but in typical California style we gathered around the Viale's back- yard pool. Andy and Lynn said they usually prepare the feast is for about 12 people but on this particular after- noon there were around 25. They were also celebrating the visit of Lynn’s brother, John Lecher, from Texas. While Andy was the chef of the day, his son, Drew, and grandson, Kaden, were the willing and able sous chefs. Andy and crew began the prep about 9:00 in the morning. By 3:00 in the afternoon, the sauce was ready for the crab and seafood. J.Chris and I were among the willing beneficiaries of the delicious feast. Sam Bozzo set it up and gave us a little Viale history, followed by the Viale's recipe. It has a long list of ingredients, including Andy’s Rub, of course, and requires much preparation. Although a little overwhelming to the novice chef, we decided, after tasting the finished cioppino, that all the effort was worth it. Sam wrote: Andy Viale grew up in San Francisco and has great memories of the holidays and this delicious cioppino recipe. He remembers his mother and their neighbors gathering to make the flavorful sauce. Meanwhile his father and his friends went down to the wharf to throw the crab pots into the water and with a few beers waited patiently for the catch. About four o'clock in the afternoon the men would hoist their crab pots and survey the catch. Back in those days, crabs were an easy catch, so off they would go back to Andy’s house where they added the catch to the sauce. Andy said that back then only crab was in the pot. They ate it with that great San Francisco crusty sourdough. These days Andy adds shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams. When cooking with the family and friends Andy hands out assignments with everyone having a job and, of course, a few b eers or glasses of wine. 90 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018