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Lisa pointed out that people have started coming to them for custom pieces inspired by furniture they’ve seen elsewhere that won’t quite fit in their homes. They get some unusual requests. “We had a client that didn’t like anything on the ground, so we designed every piece to mount on the walls,” Joe laughed. They also do a lot of design work for people who have a general idea of what they want but need help fleshing out their ideas into real pieces. A BFRWvW7BV6RbFV"'W6W722vrvV&WF7GVFvW&RFW6v66R6W"&R'F7F2V6W0b^( 2v&FR֖GFv'G2W&6F^( FFVFW( @fRF'&rF&v( Rv26FRFW&R2Ff'&6FR6WFr( ФƗ66BFR7GVFw2FVF7&VFR6W"&V7G2BFWW&VBvFFW"FW&27V6267&WFR2@&V6VBFW&2ƖRW6VB&RF&W2"f&R6W2FW&V( B6r&WBFRF&fr7FFRb'W6W70r'WBFWFf&W6VRFRvVFV"6G&Wf"vFPfW"&vW"7FRFR'W6W7266RFWfRv&V@7F6WfVF2vVVf"FRƖfRbFV"'W6W72FW&Rrf'v&BFFr6RFRfb( RbW"v22F&RB6Vǒ7W7F'WBFW6R^( 0'F7G'F'VBB7&VFRB6VvBRW2( Ɨ66BFWfVVV'&6VB'FR66VGb6'FBFWfW'FrFW6FvfRFBfRBFV"F'2&6FB( vRFN( 2&Vǒ'FBW7V6ǒFFR6VG6WF6VGFF'W6W72vFFW"66'W6W76W2( R6B( vRvBFV6W&vRFRF'2&PWBW&R&FW"FvF&r&7F&W2( ХVvWF6ǐ6֗GFVBFW 6F6f7FCC"wwrVF'B6УsC3bFW&W7G&VWBv&#t$( "$t( "4%DdT%%T%$4#vևFF6