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he played the piano and while in high school, played the saxophone for a band called the Tune-Toppers. He enjoyed classic cars and once restored a 1967 Volkswagen van. An environmentalist at heart, Paul was instrumental in forming a committee back in 1991 that led to the current city-wide recycling program with Recology.  Despite all of the above, Paul would often say that his greatest accomplishment was the love he shared with his family whom he leaves behind: Pat, his wife of 43 years, and his two children, Joseph and Valerie. With roots that ran deep in Gilroy’s community, Paul was an early volunteer for the Gilroy Garlic Festival as construction chairman. As was typical for Paul, he would go beyond the call of duty, often working into the wee hours of the morning to prepare for the festival. Pat remembers, “One night he and his crew were out on Santa Teresa Avenue, painting divider lines by flashlight on the road.” He volunteered for a total of 22 years with the festival. A dedicated public servant, Paul served three terms as a council member in Gilroy in the 1980s and 1990s and won a fourth term in 2016. City council member, Dan Harney, had been surprised to learn that Paul was running again for a council seat—especially because he had already lost several previous bids and was now in his 80s. Harney recalled, “Paul told me that politics was a lot like baseball—the more times you get up to bat, the better. You have to keep swinging and eventually, you’ll get on base.” Paul enjoyed his council work; making every effort to attend meetings despite his declining health. LeeAnn McPhillips, the director of human resources for the City of Gilroy shared, “Council Member Kloecker was a smart, giving, thoughtful, and astute council member.  We all got to know his wife, Patricia, as well and her kind spirit and love for Kloecker shined through as she assisted him in getting to and from the council meetings. She knew he loved serving the community so she did not mind attending the sometimes lengthy meetings with him.” Paul served twelve years on the Santa Clara County Transportation Commission and twelve years on the board of the Association of Bay Area Governments. He was also an active volunteer for the Elks Lodge, the Sunrise Rotary and the Gilroy Exchange Clubs. For ten years, he was a docent and an engineer for the train at Gilroy Gardens. For eight years he volunteered as a marshal for the AT&T Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. A lover of music and theater, he was a board member of the South Valley Symphony Orchestra. Born on April 21, 1935 in Erie, Pennsylvania, he was the second youngest of five children born into a German- American family. Paul was an altar boy for Sunday mass and later attended Cathedral Preparatory School, a Jesuit high school. After high school he earned his engineering degree from the University of Detroit, a Catholic college. It was after he moved to California to attend the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey to work on his master’s degree that he met and married Pat, the love of his life. They married on August 10, 1974 at the Carmel Mission. Father Rubio, Parochial Vicar at St. Mary Parish, presided GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN over Paul’s funeral mass, and remembers meeting Paul some thirty years ago. Rubio recounted that Paul attended daily mass and was a member of the Knights of Columbus. Paul volunteered for the church’s youth group, with Marriage Encounter and as a Eucharistic minister. It was Paul who helped bring about the forward-thinking concept of allowing girls to serve at the altar during mass. “When we first came to Gilroy, he wanted our daughter, Valerie to be an altar girl at St. Mary’s,” Pat said. The community’s fondness of Paul was demonstrated by the many family members and friends, council members, police and fire departments that showed up to pay their respects. Four uniformed members of the Gilroy Police Department Honor Guard stoically escorted the pallbearers who carried the casket into the church. Mayor Roland Velasco, who served Gilroy alongside Paul for many years, said, “Paul was a dedicated public servant, wholly committed to the City of Gilroy and to his family. He was methodical and thoughtful in his approach to making policy decisions for the betterment of the city.” Mark Turner, CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, added, “Paul was a servant of the people who had Gilroy’s best interests at heart; both the business community an H[][]B]\K'B]\H[YK[YY ][]H[\\Hو\[YB%ۛH\[Z[K]\[][]H[\˜[K[[]\HXZ]YHݙH[\Xق[ۙ][K[x&\H[]Y\ML[]\\H[X][ۂ]\^KXX\H L  N NBYHHXX‘[Y[X\[Hۈ[[X]Bܙ[^][ۈ[[H[][Y ]Hޞ[ZۛۈY[H\\[H\[Y[\H\]^\˂[HHۈH[͍HX\\Y8([H8(  LM™[[[۝Z[ BPPTKPT NZ^KBM