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TODAY TODAY TODAY THE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OF THE SOUTH SANTA CLARA VALLEY THE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OF THE SOUTH SANTA CLARA VALLEY THE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OF THE SOUTH SANTA CLARA VALLEY Tis the season for family, friends and good cheer aver family vineyards casa de fruta winery clos lachance winery cooper-garrod estate vineyards creekview vineyards fernwood cellars fortino winery guglielmo winery celebrating santa clara vall ey WINES For the Love of Charlie THE PONZINI FOUNDATION: FOUNDERS ZEST FOR GIVING BIKING AROUND MORGAN HILL hecker pass winery jason-stephens winery kirigin cellars la vie dansante wines lion ranch vineyards and winery martin ranch winery medeiros family wines miramar vineyards morgan hill cellars ross vineyards and winery sarah’s vineyard satori cellars seeker vineyard solis winery stefania wine sunlit oaks winery sycamore creek vineyards tass vineyards & winery TINY HOUSE LIVING OUR JOURNEY DOWN THE RHINE (Members of the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley ) Life With Man’s Best Friend Regionally Speaking Our Infrastructure Part III: High-Speed Rail: Boon or Boondoggle Plus Plus TRACING OUR ROOTS: GENEALOGY OUR INFRASTRUCTURE: PART IV THE POWER PLAY — CLEAN ENERGY OUR AREA’S CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS CELEBRATING HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH CALIFORNIA RAILROAD HISTORY ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A DISASTER JULY/AUGUST 2017 l MORGAN HILL • GILROY • SAN MARTIN 01) gmhtoday_June28_Vfinal.indd 1 Plus OUR INFRASTRUCTURE: PART V COMMUNICATIONS HEALTHCARE IN SOUTH COUNTY HONORING GEORGE CHIALA’s LEGACY SAN MARTIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP IN ACTION HOLIDAY 2017 l MORGAN HILL • GILROY • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 l MORGAN HILL • GILROY • SAN MARTIN 03/01/17 1:32 PM 01) gmhtoday_Aug25_V6Photo.indd 1 8/30/17 8:25 AM 01) gmhtoday_Oct20th_V8.indd 1 11/7/17 11:58 AM July/August 2017 September/October 2017 November/December 2017 Features Features Features Our Infrastructure: Part Three… High Speed Rail: Betting Big on Mobility Unraveling Pediatric Cancer A Talk with Congressman Jimmy Paneta The Joys of Puppy Parenting; Life with Charlie The Healing Power of Dogs Meet Police Officer Zen Tiny Home Living… A Creative Alternative The Ukulele Craze Gaining Momentum Tracing Your Family Tree Meet Cecelia Ponzini, Making A Difference Introducing The Stomping Ground Four Local Options for a Christian Education Our Infrastructure: Part Four… Energy, The Power Game A Legacy of Giving… Rita Quintero Celebrating National Hispanic Month Real Life Superhero… Our Infrastructure: Part Five… Communications: On and Off Grid One Giving Tree Making the Holidays A Little Brighter Tis the Season…Shop Where You Live A Look at Healthcare in South County Community Leadership In Action New Businesses in Area Downtowns Embracing Beauty for Christmas Meet Mark Fenichel, Harmonica Man From Gilroy to Microsoft… Sid Espinoza The George Chiala Legacy Rotary Funds for Parks San Martin Forms Chamber of Commerce Opening the Doors of Transformational Learning Columns Theater Scene … A Visit with Kevin Heath Artfully Yours… Picture This with Robinson Book Club Beat … Bay Area Book Enthusiasts Manners Matter… What to Wear, When Then And Now … Railroads Family Tree Historically Speaking … Gilroy's Historic Train Station Relationship Dance… Midlife Issues The Vine … A Q&A with Dhruv Khanna It's Your Swing…Alternative Golfing Gilroy Living…In Your 90''s Dining Out With Friends… Time for Cafe Thyme Healthwise… A Look at Probiotics Community Digest Maggie Pickford Crowned Garlic Festival Queen Old City Hall Recognized at Awards Ceremony Community Solutions Hearts of Gilroy Luncheon Remembering George Flores Mother's Day Walk for Foster Youth Celebrating Local History "Speakeasy” Rotary Club of Morgan Hill Dazzle Fundraiser Celebrating Christmas In June… Bikes Because We Care Gilroy's Police Chief, Scot Smithee Rosso's Furniture Family… Next Generation Takes the Reins Are You Ready for a Disaster? South Valley Symphony's New Season The Susan Berghoff Story The Hunts, Keeping Volunteers Engaged Biking Around Morgan Hill Ten Reasons to Love Our Local Wines Cruising Down the Rhine Gavilan's Dynamic Nursing Program School Days …After School, Summer etc. Columns Theater Scene … Visiting Andrew Stebbins Artfully Yours… Covering Creative Ground Book Club Beat … Morgan Hill Library Club Manners Matter… Children's Etiquette Historically Speaking … Our Hispanic Heritage Relationship Dance… When Attacked The Vine … Q&A with Tom Muller, Satori It's Your Swing…Learning About Golf Cooking for Fun YHY\ZXޞ‘[[]]Y[)HXY\^H]I’X[\x)] [H[[][]HY\XZZ[[\X\H]YY^x'B\X\][ ][H\['B\HT[HۛܙYXY\\^[[BXZZ[[\X\Yۚ]x'BSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSPPTKPT N[[•X]\[H8)Ր]\\[H[\)][ۘ[Xۚ][ۂ]]܉ܛ\)[ZH؜\PۂX[\X]\)][[•[[8)\HH\\ܚX[HXZ[8)\[\ۙH\[B[][ۜ\[x)[]•H[H8)IH][H[[\] [\[)HY]وX[܈[)][H܈HY^\‘[[]]Y[)HY]HZ[X\’X[\x)ݙ\X][\[HY^\’Y^H\[YY)H[Y[X\[H[\H[[][]HY\ؙ\\]HB[H\\[HXYYHܘ[\]•[K[H \]Z[H[Z\\TT\[X[[X[H\][[][]H][ۜX]H [‘[H[][ۈH^H[H[x'BZ^KBL