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Appetizers Dining Out with Friends at Written By Larry J. Mickartz Spicy Shrimp Mac and Cheese Pizza with Bacon Mediterranean Lamb Chops with Lemon Entrees T his month we walked to The Milias Restaurant (TMR) in downtown Gilroy, which is only three blocks from our home, to meet up with our Morgan Hill friends, John and Michelle McKay. It was one of those hot October nights, perfect for a leisurely dinner in a nice air conditioned restaurant. J.Chris and I started the evening with beat-the-heat drinks: a refreshing Vodka and cranberry for J.Chris and a tall gin and tonic for me. The Milias has a well-stocked, full bar and the owners, Ann Zybarra and Adam Sanchez are well-versed in spirits, unique foods and stories about the local history. The Milias has a long history that goes back to 1895 and when it was the Milias Chop House. In 1922 the restaurant opened at its cur- rent location inside the Milias Hotel. The current restaurant was opened in 2012. John and Michelle soon arrived and started their evening with wine from the Milias cellar: a French Fleurs de Prairie Rosé for Michelle and a Sonnet (SLH) Pinot Noir for John. We had a great time discussing personal backgrounds, downtowns and food preferences. We agreed that we all had a fondness for small plates and therefore had a hard time selecting from the great selection of appetizers. We fi nally settled on the Spicy Shrimp (With Blue Cheese Crumbles and Chopped Celery), Mac and Cheese Pizza (With Bacon), and the Mediterranean Lamb Chops. Michelle loved the Mac and Cheese pizza and described it as the “Ultimate Comfort Food.” The portion size was generous so even after we each had a piece, she was able to take about half home! John declared the creamy and spicy fl avor combination of the spicy shrimp his favorite. The lamb chops, with a shot of juice from a roasted lemon, produced a “burst of fl avor.” After a taste of all our selections, Michelle declared “my mouth is happy!” On most evenings, those small plates could have completed our dining experience, but we were on a quest to test all things Milias so we launched into the entrees. For those readers who have Wild Halibut Cheeks Airline Breast of Pheasant Grilled Salmon with Crab Sauce 94 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN NOVEMBER/D ECEMBER 2017