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The Human Touch Holiday Calendar While your computer vendor may remember your name and your charge card information, only a small store owner will remember who you are and who you are shopping for. If you’re a regular at Amoretto Boutique on Monterey and Martin Streets in Gilroy, owner Sandra Castaneda certainly will. “In my boutique, people receive a personalized customer service ex- perience,” Castaneda said. Amoretto offers a carefully curated mix of apparel, accessories and home decor. Castaneda loves to match shoppers with the perfect products based on their style and personality. That’s the reason she got into the fashion business in the fi rst place. Local businesses are typically run by people who have pursued their dreams—and it shows in their interactions with customers. And not only is the experience personal, but the products are more unique. Local businesses often feature local products, handmade products, or carefully curated products that can’t be found online or in chain stores, such as the cheeky, quirky gifts and décor at the Nimble Thimble. The moral of the story? Shop local, and you won’t be the third person to bring a Snuggie to the offi ce Christmas gift exchange. Holiday Library Wine Tasting at Solis Winery. Offering their award-winning, vintage wines— a great way to entertain out-of-town Y\ˈ\[\KBYZ[ݙ[X\ X[X\ \ \Xܙ[H][ۘ[\X][ۈوY[\[\“ۙ\ \[و[\[\\ܝHZ[[ۈ\›܈[ܙH\HۙYHY[]\\\[[B[K]][&]H[HH][وY[[ۙY\[\\[۝ۈ[K[۝ۈ[ۙK\H\B]X\ HY[[ۙYX[\[\\X\X][وH\[\\[۝ۋH]^[\\\HY[ۋYX]]H\H[XH[XKXH\Y[ܙY[^H\HY[Zܘ[H[K\ܙ8&\Z\\[B []H]HX]]H]\]YKH[[ [H\B[\\[Y[[\[\[\ܝ[H[][]B]\XYH[[X]܈܈Y[Z[\HقZ\X[\˂Xۛ^HوXB[[[\\][H[]H[ܙH[ۜœ[[H]\K[HX^H[[\ H\\BXZ\HYHY\[K]YH]H\\\\ݙ\H[وHYX\[[x&]HXYHHY\[KYۙ\وX\ZY[[H]Xۛ[K^H\HXX[H۝X][H\[ۈو[Y[]Y\˜[[ۜ[Z\[[][]Kܘ[[\[\œۛ[H][[ܙK8'H۸&][[H[]BHۈ\H\x&\[]\\[TX˂Y^H[^\\^H8&]8&\X\Y\X[ܙ]] 8&H[[\[][]H\XZ[[[H۸&]]H[B[Y[]Y\][H[[X\\H[H\ܝ[]Z[ 8'Hۙ\ZY [X[Y^HXH\[YHH[ܙ[[\ܚX[Y]H][HZ\H[۝K\]HXܚX[XKX[X\ \ X][\] LN[K[ܙ[[\ܚX[Y]Kܙ’Y^PY ]\[H\[܈BXYXوHX\ۈH[H\]H[و[[›Y[KXH][[]H[H\\[HY^HX\ۋX[X\YZ[Y KB\H[ K[ZYYۈ]YX\&\]K[ܙ[[][\Y^HY\YK[[X[Y][ۈ][Y[Z[Y\[[[و[Y\\H[][]H[Y\[H[\Y^HX\ۋH\]HY^H\YH\] NHYBHٙHX[Y[وH]HYHۈX[X\ [ܙ[[][\˛ܙ‘۝ۈ[HY^H\YH[YHY[’]8&\H[ۙ\[[YHوHYX\H[[HBH[H۝ۈ\[\\X][ۈ\[\˜[X[][X[X\ Y[[] K]H\YH] \KYY[[[\x&\ ][X[\X\]B[\KHHYH[X[ۈوX]]Y[Y^B0X܈[[\]YH\X\][\[H[H[B]\ ][[[\\Y] ][Y[KY^H\\[]\XX[ˈX[X\ Lܙ  ] LLH L[H \HYY[[[\KBY^H]\]Y\]ܝ[[\KH[\]YBY^H]\]YH]X[H[ܘY[H[[B]\[[[\X[X\] H LLLX[H\Kܝ[[\KB][^H[\۞N8'XXH\[Bܛ8'HHܘ\H[\ܛH\[۸&\”[\۞Hˈ 8'Z[YH\]\]x'HH[B[XۙK[8'[HX8'H [[Y H\YۂHY\Y\^[\[ۈHX[Z[HX[\\X[X\]  ΌH]H][[YHX]\][^\[\۞Kܙ’Y^H]\]YH][H[\܈H\˂^ܙHH[\^X][܈[\]YK[ BXYHYH[\\[HHX[X\ M]‘X[X\ M [P[\ܕP\˘BM