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T his year in South Africa we sang for a packed house at a festival in the township of Tembisa at the Moses Molelekwa Art Centre. This event was seeded years ago in a friendship with Oupa Malatjie, the founder of the Tswelopele Performing Artists, when our students gathered with his in a small room to sing together. Eight years later a student writes: “The performance of the final show might be the most fun I’ve ever had doing a performance of any kind. The crowd was so full of life, clapping and cheering at every opportunity…When we sang a South African-ified version of ‘Stand By Me,’ I sang a duet with one of the Tembisan girls named Ellen. The crowd cheered so loudly during it that I could barely hear myself. By the time it was over, I didn’t want to get off the stage, but I had to…This trip has been packed with eye-opening experiences, but our three days at Tembisa might just be my favorite... So many things happened with us and those kids, and I feel like I’ve known them for months. They welcomed us into their musical world, and I’ll never forget what that world truly is. Music is the heartbeat of South Africa, and I hope I never stop hearing it.” – Carl Ward, 11th grade From an earlier experience, a classmate writes: “Another moment that stuck out to me was when we were walking through the Langa township near the LEAP School. We walked into one of the rooms where three families were living…In the room, there were two twin beds with about one and a half feet in between. We learned that the older woman sitting on the bed had lived there for 40 years. My heart sank to find this out. I had read and heard about the townships, but until I was standing in one, it never truly sank in… To hear that 30 people were living in such a small space with so little made me feel useless and unsur HوH^H[ B[Y[و[[\X[&\^Y\œX]YHHH\ 'p$Y[HYۋ L]ܘYB[[ܜYY][Hۙ[YH\Y[و[Hۜ\ [H[Z[\^KHY[ܚ]\˜X]\\]H\[Y[&\B\]]H[H[X]Hو[XK'Y\\[\[[\Y]]Y]KH][ܛ\[[[H[Y\YHYHوH[B[ܛ\)ۘHH\]Y H[Y\Hܛ\وX] Y[^B\[YH[HوZ\܈\[\YXXو\[XH\[\XHYHY8)H\H[\\Y[^H[Y\[)[\ۜB\ۙHܛ\[Z\ۋYHوHY[\[\Y[[Hۙ\H\Y[ۙ˂^H^K][Z[YHHB[ ]\[H\H[\Y\™[KHYY\\H[B[ݙ\^HYY[[[™X\Y\]Z\]Y[X\\H\[&]]Z]H[[HY [YH۸&][Y[X\]\H[YH܈\[\[H[ݙ\x&[H]\[ܙ]]X[HY[ۛXYH[BY['B$\[HZ]  LܘYBH[][ۜ\XYۈ\B\^\\HH[YH܈YH[[\[ X[HYY\[][ۋB\[\XHY][ܙX]\[\[\\HHXZ[]\Z[[و\[\܈[[ BY[ \\[\ܙYH[x&\ܙH\[Y[Y[][Xx&\\YH\YH 'Y\H]\YH[YHܝX]]K]\[YHˋ]\[ۙH[XXYZ\]Y[˂\H[[HܘXY^H[ˋX\[Y\[^H^Y\\HYYB\ˈH܈H][œ][ٙ^H[]]XH\\\K\HZ\Y]\ܙ]YH[BZ\YH[YH\H[XY[B\]X\X[Z[ۈ^BXKHY]H[\H\B[[H][Z[\HX\\Z[YYZˈ\H\[Y]^HH]YYHXX\)HYۛHۛۂ\H\܈H]Hݙ\ \Y]BXYHۛX[ۜ\ۙ\H]H]H]Y[x&]Hۛۈ܈YX\ˈBYYXH[H\[YYH]\]\YH\YH]H[X]H]H][وݙH[^HX\ [[\XX][ۈ܈H[\وB[[[\'B$[H][\  LܘYBYܙH\X\[\^\[][ۜ\[Hܜ™^[ܙ[\Hܝ[]Y\ˈ\[H\^\[][ۜ\ݚYB]XوHYX[[HZHB\^\Y[\ˈ]\[YH]B[][ۜ\و\Y[XX\Y\[[Z\\Y][\˜[[[\ˈY\\][\[][ۜ\]\[\[\\\[YH\Hٝ[[ٛܛYY \XZ[X\XX\][[XYۛH[\HܙX]܈وH[Y\[ܛY ^YX\X[YY\H\KH\Y[XY[][ۘ[[[\][ۘ[X\[\^\܈XY\˂SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSՑSPTPSPT M™Z^KBL