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Our Itinerary: Basel, Switzerland Breach, Germany Colmar, France Khel / Strasbourg, France Mannheim / Heidelberg / Rudesheim, Germany Middle River Koblenz, Germany Cologne, Germany Gorinchem / Kinderdijk, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands Interesting tidbits: Amsterdam’s application of local laws was very interesting. They have a specific term for things that are illegal but tolerated. A Coffee Shop in Amsterdam might sell coffee but they are better known for selling soft drugs (all forms of cannibus, magic truffles, salvia and peyote cactus). They have a green and white license sticker in their window. \x&\H[\]\Y[œ[X\ZX[H[ٝY][Y[œ\H[x)Y]YHHX\ZX[B[Y]\KH\]YY[B[Y܈HYKXX\YHYو^H]\]\B[[\\[K\H\H[\\Z[B[XYHوHY^H\HœYK^HY&]]H܈[[ۙH܂[][ˈY\X[[\[ZHYH\Y[[[[K[^B\H]\]\K\H\H Z[\و[[[[\\[B]L\[[ ML Y\ˈYBوH\XZ[[[\HY[BM[\K[\\[H\[YH8'[XHوHܝ 'BXݙN]0Y[BH[YH\›ݙ\\؛\&\ۋ][[\\B]H Y] ]\HY\YYY][Z[[[]\KYHM\\YۙHوHܛY\\[[\\[BZYHYY\H\\[[]\ؙ\”YH[X\ZY˜۝Z[H[XZ[›وH\HY[H\Y[H[]\ؙ\HYۈوHY][Y\Z[BSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSTSPTБT M™Z^KBM