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in the early evening. After dinner on the ship we decided to take a walk. What we found was a charming, quaint little town. We fell in love with the narrow streets, old buildings and friendly people. We regretted that we had not gone into town sooner, perhaps to do a little shopping and get some dinner! It is one of those places we would like to return to and just absorb. We were told later that Rudesheim was a very popular vacation spot for European tourists. Before arriving in Koblenz on our fifth day, we cruised down the Middle Rhine. This section of the cruise goes past some fifty castles and it was spectacular. It was a beautiful sunny day. Everyone was up on the third deck where the cruise director told stories and shared the history of many of the castles. This area is a UNESCO Heritage Site, a well deserved designation. It is also home to acres and acres of GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Far Left (page 92): View from the hilltop cathedral in Breisach and an unusual sculpture in one of the courtyards Above: From the Alruna as we sailed down the Rhine River, vineyards terraced up the hills while a train transporting Mercedes automobiles to market. Below: A view of one of the canals in Amsterdam — many of which are bordered by houseboats. We were told that approximately 2,500 canal boat houses and that there was a waiting list for the purchase of them. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 93