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engines with little vibration, noise or pollution. Rooms vary between 445 and 135 square feet. Our room had a veranda and measured 205 square feet. It was well appointed with a step-up efficient bathroom. The rooms are well insulated and we rarely heard anything from the adjoining rooms. Dining on the Alruna was always a pleasant experience. Thankfully the portions were more European than American. Guests had the option of dining in the second floor dining room or out on the third floor bow area which usually had a buffet style offering. The staff quickly got to know our preferences and often anticipated those preferences before we said a word. We fell in love with the coffee machines located on both sides of the ship at every level. They produced perfect lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. I could easily write at length about each day, each excursion and each port but that would take more writing- reading energy than you and I might want to utilize. So, we will settle for a few highlights. Not long after turning in our first night we noticed a slight shutter on the ship. Opening the curtains, we realized we were descending into a lock, the wall of which was a mere arm length from our balcony. We found it fascinating. The next morning, we were excited to share our discovery with other passengers. All we got from the Europeans and Easterners was a ho-hum reaction. We were lock nubbies and had thought the experience a big deal — they didn’t. Checking with the ship staff, we found out that we had passed through four locks that night and would pass through a total of eleven on the journey. The river cruises have a varied schedule. Some days we sailed at night; other days we sailed most of the day; other days we sailed into one port in the morning with passengers 92 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN leaving for an excursion and catching up with the ship at another port down the river. The lack of a set pattern keeps things interesting. In almost WfW''BFW&R&R6VFVBW7W'622vV2FW2f"wVW7G2F66Rg&( Ff"FFFfVRvR'Fb&FBB6RvFW&gVGfVGW&W2g&'&V6vW&vR'W6VBF6"g&6R( B&W6W'fVBVFWffvRvFF6VGW'7G&VWG2B7F6VGW'vF26W&6BBFv7BFW'26VFPVgF6Rb7F'FB6&RFVFW2Bf66FpBFR6RFRFRW6WV26FVG&2BWfW'F'VFw2&R7&rBfW'vV֖rW7V6ǒg&ЦW"Ɩ֗FVBW&6W'7V7FfRRFW&W7FrƗGFRFF&Bv26&VB'wVFR6 2FR6F&VvFRwVFRWVBFBFR7BfW vVW&F2b26Ff֖ǒfR&VVVFW"vW&'VRFVg&V6FVvW&B7W'&VFǒ&6Fg&6R'FRvFR&B6vFFR6G2g&V66"vW&"B6F6W"ख7G&6&W&rvRvVBFrfBW7W'6FW"vBw&VBWW&V6RW"FW"wVFRVBW2FVЦ&W"b66636VW6R6&W'6vR6vVF6BFVFvB&W6V&VB6vW&RvRvW&RvfVFR'GVGFRf,:Rv62FR6FfW'6bfB'&VB7Bf&vBvR6vBF6R6WfW&6&VW'2ख&WGvVVf6Fr62BVFrvRf6FVBFR&VWFgV7G&6&W&r6FVG&v6v2W7B'&VFFrBv0V&W2VVvBBW7BG&r7F&6'F6RBFRVBbFRFvRvVB&6FFR6f"FW"@vvW&Rf"FRWW&V'F2FRfW'FFvRF6VBV"FRFvb'VFW6VХ4UDT$U"5D$U"#pvևFF6