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Be proactive with your kids. Don’t threaten them with manners classes. You don’t want to discourage them. Children learn by example. If you practice what you are trying to teach your child, he or she will learn by your example. You can make a game out of manners for your kids as well. Use puppets or stuffed animals when teaching them to say the magic words. Have a tea party and have your child invite a couple of friends. This is a good one for table manners and for using proper utensils. When dining out in a restaurant, show your children how the table is set and how to order from a menu. Practice meeting and greeting with family, teach- ers and neighbors. My grandkids are friendly with our garbage man and the gardener. Whenever the kids are here, they greet them on their specific day. They shake their hand, thank them for their service, and tell them to have a nice day. I’m serious. When my little ones hear that garbage truck pull up on Thursday morning, they can’t wait to go out and greet. Same thing happens on Friday morning when they hear the lawn mower- “The gardener’s here!” It has become a fun manners learning experience here. And, it makes every- one involved feel special and appreci- ated. They are just as happy to see the children and play along as the children are to see them. Manners can be fun at any age. I have classes that can be geared to spe- cific age groups from toddlers to teens and in-betweens! Just email me if you have any interest in manners classes for your kids. I hope to start a session or two this fall. And yes, I do adults too. Proudly Employee Owned The direct relationship between work, ownership, and community involvement fuels a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. 1351 Pacheco Pass Hwy Gilroy, CA 95020 408-842-3358 . Look Your Best Every Day RecologySouthValley-ad.indd 1 Offering A Full Line Of Beauty Services GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 8/16/2017 4:46:20 PM • Hair Color & Cuts (Men & Women) • Formal Hair Styling & Blowouts • Extensions (Eyelash, Hair, Brow) • Event Make-Up • Facial Waxing • Manicures • Keratin Treatments • Aveda Color Services 87