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open our eyes to life’s mysteries. But not many, especially the youth, have discovered that. If given the chance and supported, older adults really do want to stay connected and to engage with the world. They are passionate and keen about the younger generations and they care enough to wish for a better world for them. Contrary to what they think, “Grandpa does know what is going on” and understands social issues and in many instances, more than the younger generation. We need to recognize that older adults don’t choose to be passive, that many of them wish to be active participants in life; that they too want to (albeit secretly in some cases) reach their potential. It is not an accident that Colonel Sanders launched Kentucky Fried Chicken in his 70s, or that the oldest person in the presidential office was 77 years old (President Ronald Reagan), or that this year’s oldest Super Bowl volunteer is 85 years old. Our older adult population is trying to send a strong message and it is time for us to listen! So, let’s start a revolution—let’s push Sources: Baltes, P.B., Lindenberger, U., & Staudinger, U.M. (1996). Lifespan theory in developmental psychology. In R.M. Lerner (Ed.), Theoretical models of human development. New York: Wiley. Elsesser, S. (2017). Super Bowl’s oldest volunteer is 85 and still li ٥A) A)I饩HQѕѥȁձ́Ѽ)չՅ䁽)1́ݕͥѥٔ)A卡䁅ɽՍѥٔȤ)%ѕɹѥMɥYܰ9(ȸ()P!4%1%LHMQUI9P)ȁqɥt٥ɽа+qɕѥٗtչQ)ٔѡ݅䁙ȁ́Ѽ)ѼqݥѠѥՑtɕ)ѕѥٔѡЁձ)ɕɕ͕́ѡ͕ݔݥ͠ѡ)Ѽ܄)ձѡɥɥͽɵɸ)ɥ卡Ё卡)Ё՝ѕ́Ё)Ʌѥ٥ѡЁɽɕѥɥ)եɕɔхѥ)ѡ́卡幅ɝ!ѕ)ѡ́ЁѼєѡ)ݡ٥Յ́ЁȰѡѕ)́Ѽɥȁѡչ)ѡͽ䁅ѡ٥ɽи!)ѡ̃qɅɅѥ٥䳊tݡ)͕ѥ䁥́éЁѼٔѥ)丁Qɔ́٥͡ݥ)ѡЁéɝ́Ѽٔɥє)ɔѕѼݕHI饩)ЃqɽՍѥٔtQͅ)́ѡЁԁхѼȁձ́ݡ͔)ͥѥ́ɔɽ͕)ѡ͕ٕ́ՉѥѡȁѼ)ՔѡȁɅѥ٥䁝̸)MЁѡ)]ɔ͕ѼٔЁѥݡ)ͽ䁡́݅ѼѡЁѡ)ȁձ̰٥Քѡȁٕ)ɥ̰ɥݥѠѡݥ̴)مՕ̰ͽ́ͥ)ѡЁٔѡѼд)ѕȁ́ͽ丁ѡ䁍)ɥѼI+p)Q5́IхɅЁ́ЁɥݥѠѽ䁉ЁݥѠԁձٽɥѕ)ٕ́ȵЁ̰ձȁɥх%ӊé݅ɴɕ᥹)ѵɔ́Ёɥаݡѡȁԝɔȁ́Ȱх́)ͥͥ́չȁ́չѡݕ+t)M谁=ݹ(܁5ѕɕIɽ䰁 ܸѡɕхɅй)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)MAQ5 H= Q= H)ѽ乍(