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Theater Scene Andrew Stebbins and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum P intello Comedy Theater (PCT) has a zany, yet traditional musical opening this month. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum is a tribute to the classic roman farces and features the music of Stephen Sond- heim. It will also be featuring one of our local young actors, Andrew Stebbins. If that last name sounds a little familiar it is probably because you have seen his father Jayson on pretty much every stage between Gilroy and Morgan Hill. The bulk of Andrew’s performance history is based with South Valley Civic Theater (SVCT) in Morgan Hill and this will be his fi rst time on a stage in Gilroy. Andrew started in theater the way most kids do, in elementary school. The first play he was in was a little play called “Lemonade!” starring as the Cat and the Fiddle for a first w&FR672BvBVVVF'&vPFBFBFB( ėBv6( B66RF&RF2ǒBv0&WV&VB672'WBF&VV&W"B&VrgV( ФBfr&&W2WG6FRbfFVvW2@Vv2w&vrWRv2fVVƖrVVBFF6WFr&P67G'V7FfRB66( vBFVfFVǒVVBv26VVrאFB7FvRRv2"FfF"גFV66F7F'@7FrvFVBFFFR6RrFw2RFBW7FvR6vVBf"B( gFW"rFBFV66RvVBFVFFf"FR#"&GV7FbFRv&Bb@vB67B2FR"bV6BgFW"FBRFV6FV@FBR&VǒFBVFRWW&V6Rࣃt$( "$t( "4%D66RFVG&Wr2&VVখ&WBGvVfR0FF7rg&f'7@w&FRVVVF'66F7@V"FR&GV7Fb( fF6RFRW66( f"5d5BआRFBFBFB( FV66ǒ( fR&VVF'FVVbP6VBFRR( r'WBFR7W'F6( BvRWFBRWB( G&Wr26&VV'BbFR&GV7F7Ffbf"6WfW&bFR2Bv&v66fW"FR7@fW"V'2ख#RRFVBvBRfVV22FRff&FRbbFP&W2R2VB6f"Rv267B2FRVB6&VFPW66B5d5B( ėBv27V6&&RBVVR'GVGf"RFBǒ&RFRVBf"FRf'7BFR'WB6FF&Bbf6Rv&F&VvFR66VBFR&R&WV&VBगBv2ג7B6Vvr&RFFFR'WBFBFG2FG0V&&ƗGFB6r6WBRv&vFbFPvFW&gVVR( fRw&vFrB&Rg&VG2vFF&VvFVFW"( Ю( &Vr7FvR'&w2Rvg&bFRG&V&W0FBWfW'FƖfRWG2R7W&RV6'&w2G2v6&Rb&G62'WBvFFRFW( &RV6W"F7vrN( 0Ɩ&W&FrFvWB7FvRBg&ǒ7BƖR6WFPFBBFW2vBW2BFR7BV&Rf"R@V7B2vrWBBW7BVFW'FrVRvrF@4UDT$U"5D$U"#pvևFF6