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O n a weekend drive in and around Morgan Hill, you’re probably no stranger to the sight of a group of cyclists coasting down the same roads many residents drive to get to hiking and winery spots. Bicyclists often head off the beaten path to favorite spots, along roads such as Uvas, Oak Glen, Croy and Redwood Retreat, just to name a few. With numerous bucolic back roads, parks and trails and lots of open space, Morgan Hill is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts, especially bicyclists, from all over the south bay and bey BBFW6( @W'BFB7WW'7F"67V6ƗVB&76R6VG2vখFW&Fǒf"G2vVƗG&76Ɩr&GV7G2B&6p7W'B2&6VBW&R'WBFW&^( 2ƗGFRFV'BFB&FW'2vVB7F&PFrGfFvRbFR֖W2b&BW&R&Vv&FW72vRFW&R&RVFV'FVFǒ&R&FW'2&vFGvVGV'2vBgW'FW"&6FW&R26V7W2FB6V7G2F0FFBFR6G"6VGWfV66&FrFFFBV&W6FVB`FR66R&76R6V"FW&R2&v&76R6V"@vBV&W"bG23V&W'2ƗfR&v’FRV&W'0֖vBfR7GVǒ&VVFV6ƖrFR7B6WfVV'266R6P&7G&rBFR#FW"FRg&6R&FVB'&VbW7W&vR&FrvWfW"FRfRbF27'B6( BvrvFR6&p&vw&GFV'&F&6VfV@s t$( "$t( "4%D4UDT$U"5D$U"#pvևFF6