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M The Hunt’s Magic Ingredients Th e Art of Keeping Volunteers Engaged 68 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN aureen and Bob Hunt took over the chairmanship of the Morgan Hill Freedom Fest’s Fourth of July Parade in 1996. Over the past 21 years, they have developed a volunteer base that is second to none. TODAY asked them how they managed to keep such a dedicated group of individuals engaged from year to year. Basically, their formula for success boils down to treating people with respe 7BBWfW f&vWGFrFV"fVRFRFR6&G2FBFRVG26VBWBFFV fVFVW'2V6V"gFW"7V66W76gVWfVB&VG3( FR&V6fVFVW'2&V( BB2B&V6W6RFW&Rv'FW72'W@&V6W6RFW&R'6WFVǒ6FfVǒ$4TU52FPf"RFFV7W&RFBFR&vg&VVFfW7BVǐBF&FR2VvR7V66W72( ФgFW"V6WfVBFW7B( F^( FV6FW 6WFRvFvgB&W2FBW&VVB&"fR6V7FV@F&VvWBFRV"F2V"Bv2VBBFR6V"6VFW"FR&fRF2bF6RvGFVFVBFRWfVBF2V"'W@FRFW"2W7BFR&VvsFWF( B7FFW&RfVFVW&rf"FR&FR2&66ǒV"&VB6֗BЦVBvFf&W2&FR6֗GFVRFVVWFw2VBFf"FR6֖rV"6&7F26&G2BFW"6V6F04UDT$U"5D$U"#pvրvևFF6