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Scot Smithee, Gilroy’s New Chief of Police Superheroes are fictional, but real heroes do exit Written By Kimberly Ewertz 44 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 I n 2004, Smithee and his wife Brenda were vacationing in Hawaii. On a return trip to Maui their catamaran overturned. Seven people including his wife were trapped beneath the capsized boat. Smithee’s quick thinking and selflessness resulted in the successful rescue of every passenger. “I think being in this business long enough you learn if you get in panic mode or you start being reactionary that you just lost the advantage,” Smithee said. ”You’ve got to stay calm.” For his heroic efforts, Smithee was presented with the U.S. Coast Guard’s highest lifesaving medal, the Gold Lifesaving Award. “I tend to think about other people before myself, that is just a part of who I am,” he said. According to his wife of 16 years that isn’t his only outstanding trait. “I think that the way he treats people is very positive and it tends to be returned the same way. There’s a mutual respe 7B^( 06'&ƖB^( 2RbF6RVPFB2&VǒvBBWfW'FrW6W@FB^( 2FW'&&RB&W"6FrBP6B6r( '&VF6BFfR6Ɩf&6֗FVRv0&&B&6VB&VGvB6GPfVBvF2&VG2Fv&2R&Vv26&VW"vFFPv&Ɩ6RFW'FVB2&W6W'fPƖ6Rff6W"fVFVW"v767G0&VwV"ff6W'2f&W"v&Ɩ6R6Vbw&VvpvW62&VVFR6vR&vvW7@fVV6R6֗FV^( 26&VW"wV6