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cooking FOR fun WITH SAM BOZZO 39th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival Champions for Charity Cook-off A fter the 2016 SakaBozzo retirement from being on the Garlic Festival stage for 25 years, I did not expect to be back up there this year. We were surprised when SakaBozzo was invited to judge the Champions for Charity cook-off competition on Friday, July 28th. Gene Sakahara and I were joined by chef Jason Gronlund, a two time Gilroy Garlic Festival Professional Chef Cook Off winner. The contest was made even more lively by master of ceremonies, Shaun O’Neale, season seven winner on Fox Network Master Chef. His entertaining banter kept the first responders and the audience laughing. Three teams of first responders competed for a $3,000 donation to their chosen charity. The defending champions Herb Alpers and Tom Evans from CAL FIRE/South Santa Clara County Fire Protection District were competing for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Next John Campbell and Morgan Sanders from AMR (American Medical Response) Rural/Metro Ambulance, Santa Clara County were hoping to win the prize money for the Alzheimer’s Association. It should be noted that John won the “unofficial uniform” award for this camouflaged kilt. Finally, Robert Herrera and Ludwin Marroquin of the San Jose Fire Department were cooking their best for the Bill Wilson Center for Youth and Families of Santa Clara County. The competition started with revealing the secret ingredients for the entrée…shrimp, boxed macaroni and cheese, Christopher Ranch Pesto and Hazmat Hot Sauce. This round would see one team being eliminated. The teams each had 30 minutes to prepare the entrée They also had access to a well stocked pantry. Each dish was presented to the judges for scoring and tabulating. The winning entree dish wa [\\[\[]]0YY[^H\[]H[\Y]B^X]]XKX HH^K\][YL SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSHٙZ\\ۋX\YH[ܜˈHYX[\œ\Y]HY\[HYY^Hو]ZKܙ[Z[Kܝؙ[[\\]\\Y]\Y\X[HY\[HYX[ۋ[\˜H[H\[[[\[[[ܙ[[\HST\[ Y][X[[KY[[[\[ۜ\[\[H][BSTH\H[[Z[]Y ^[YHHXۙ[[[HوXZ[˜H\\]HXܙ][ܙYY[)X]HܙX[KX[K\Y\X[[K[[ܙ[X]H\[ܙX[K\Y\XۈY\[Y[HXY[H]H]و]H[]\[\[X[KܙX]YHܰYH[Z\HX\Yž[[Y\\Y[[H[YۈXB[\[[HYH[[Y\Y\\\ܛYY Z\[\Y\\X]]Y[[[X[\˂X^XH]\HX]܈HX]وH\]][ۂ]^HZ[ۙ\YYو[[\\)^\]\X[H[[H]H\Y\X]\[ۈY\[[HܰYH[Z\H\™[H\Yݙ\H[ܙYY[^HZ[[B\HܙX]Y^H\\ XZ[ۙK][[H[YB[ܙYY[˂Y\\[[][X][H\\H[\\[[Y H[\[ۜو\]H[[\[[[ܙ[[\HST\[ Y][X[[K[H\H[K\YۈZ\[BX܈ \[H[Z[Y\&\\X][ۋHYHX[\\][]HZ\[ \ZH^B]\H^H[Z\H\\\ۙ\ˈH[[H܈Z\\XH[Z\[[ۙ\۝X]BZ\[[H]XYYYۋ\ٚ] \YۈBY[ۙܘ][][ۜ]\[ۙH[YYH^H[H\]][ۋTSPTБT M™Z^K